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Indian Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by HAIR JIG, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Indian Lake -- skimmed over last night with ice. Won't be long now.
  2. How does the ice look at Cranberry :)

  3. Havn't been over there to Cranberry. Mainly looked at Long Island and O'conners-Moundwood. Not safe yet maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.Weather forecast going to get in 40's tomorrow then get colder again. Last time I fished soft water here the water was not to muddy . Lots of shad in northfork area. Moundwood seemed to have a few saugeyes bitting before ice. Haven't seen the number of saugeyes taken out of Moundwood this year as last year was a good year in there. Still a good place to start. Northfork area is always alittle iffy on the new ice current runs in there.{ Be careful } I have seen 8inches of ice on main lake and 2inches in Northfork.
  4. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    We get the snow they are calling for it will be awhile before the ice will be safe. Snow insulates the ice to keep it from getting thicker. Be careful venturing out on first ice if there is a thick layer of snow!
  5. Hey Orlando, you still have that auger you were trying to sell last year??

    If so, shoot me a pm.
  6. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Auger sold last year