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Indian Lake trip

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CHOPIQ, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Headed to IL this Fri- Mon. Staying at the campgrounds. We fished Il last Saturday and water temp was 55-57 and actually not to bad stained. We'll be at the Tilton, Froggys and Aschesons during the night if anyone is in the neighborhood.

  2. Hey chopiq,

    Might run into you at froggys, tilton or achesons, just depends on which group i'm runnin round with that night, the partyer's or the party poopers lol.

    I'll be fishin all day sunday myself, have to work saturday or i'd be makin a weekend of it as well.
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  4. Tennessee

    Tennessee Team Stratos

    Went to Indian lake yesterday got a late start but caught about 40 nice size crappie and 5 Saugeye[
  5. What Part Of The Lake Were You Fishing For The Crappie?
  6. Tennessee

    Tennessee Team Stratos

    The spillway and Moundwood over right by the wall, went again tonight me and a buddy caught 10 Saugeye (5 a piece) and about 30 crappie, same spots
  7. All in all we had a good trip. Fished Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday morning and all day Monday. Overall ended up keeping about 50 crappies between three of us. Over the 4 days easily caught over 350 crappies. Friday the big females were in shallow. Biggest was 1.7 pound. Saturday and Sunday the cold front drove the females alittle deeper. Caught some but nothing like Friday. Depending where we were the crappies were either in the pads or on wood. Monday which I thought was going to be the best day was the toughest fishing. We finnaly found the bigger fish but it was around 5 pm when we did. Surface water temp was at 65 Friday and after the cold front sat and Sun it had dropped to around 57. Then Mon it had gotten back to 64.
    Sat and Sun they had a bass tourney and I heard over 25 pounds for a 10 bass limit won it for Sunday. Also a crappie tourney for Sat the winning weight was over nine pounds for an eight fish limit.