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  1. My kids & I went to Indian lake today and fished for about 5 hours and we kept 6 eyes and lost a few more at the boat. The water was cold at about 39 degrees and the water was slightly stained but very fishable. We floated the hole just below Dream Bridge the entire time and caught all of them on chartreuse and pink lead heads tipped only with minnows. Most of them were caught in 13 FOW. It was windy, cold and long times between bites. The fish are there but the water is still very cold. A few other boats landed a few eyes but I don't think anybody limited out.

    I try to post my updates with some specific information so I hope I am helping somebody out. I plan to go to Indian Lake next week for several days of camping and fishing and I will post updates upon return. Can somebody help me out by telling me where some of the better channels are to fish? I know the eyes go into other channels than Moundwood and I plan to explore them next week, however, if somebody can email me with a channel or two, then I will give them a fish sandwich and a beverage next week if they stop by my campsite.


    PS - Please harvest your fish wisely. Cigars don't belong on a stringer.
  2. Glad you and your kids got out and got some eyes. Hard to believe the water is still that cold.

    As far as getting some info on someones hot channell, that can be like pulling teeth. Good luck on that.

    If you are interested in panfish, check the North channell, and Game reserve area. GOOD LUCK

  3. How do you fish these channels? Do you troll them? Do you throw jigs or cranks or Vibees? Not asking for specific channels just some new techniques to explore.
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    Try old field. We always seem to do pretty good there also
  5. thank you for the info,it's nice to see guys that will share some info and location.need some warmer water,which should be here soon.