Indian Lake today

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My son and I were at I.L. today for 6 hours and nothing ! Moundwood (chocolate milk), Blackhawk (chocolate milk),whole Dream Bridge area (chocolate milk) ,south and west bank very stained, parking area at spillway underwater but receding ! One good thing , if we get the rain all day Friday like they are calling for , tomorrow night get your crawlers and cut shad , catch Moundwood chanell coming up and just kick on the catfish ! I talked to a local retired guy today that fished all day Wed. in the rain , he ended up with 11 nice cats between 1.5 to 5 lbs and had his line broke. We drove around and found some shallow bays with the wind blowing in and gathered all the shad we will need for weeks ! If we get the rain , I am going back tomorrow night and will post my results ?

    Keep fishin, :B
  2. I cat fished all afternoon thursday and didn't get a single tug anywhere

  3. Hey Zpyles 00,

    Were you at Moundwood ? Did you see anyone catching any cats ? Maybe this fellow was feeding me a line of crap ? If we get the rain , I am going to try again , good luck if you go . I am in a black Tahoe with a B.A.S.S. sticker on the back window , if you see me give me a holler !

    Keep fishin,
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    i was on injun on friday and like you said the whole dang lake was like coffee and cream--i marked fish at dream bridge and tried verticle jigging the area for a few passes but didn't get bit so i ran back into the game preserve for some panfish and ended up with 6 bluegills and 22 white crappie--one of which went over 14" on the tape--one of the biggest crappies i've caught in a long time--COME ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!:)
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    Whats the water temps?
  6. Congrats on the big crappie ! I could'nt agree with you more , come on spring ! The boat is setting here ready to go , that livewell sure needs some toothy critters in it !

    Keep fishin, :T
  7. Hey there Fear, sorry i'm just now gettin back to ya on that.

    I was at moundwood for a bit, no one else there fishing, was the only one. I heard that a guy caught 15 real nice channels there wednesday but i was there thursday. i'm guessin they were already fed up by thursday and moved back out into the main lake.

    I fished, moundwood, northfork river, over by the spill way, barnes landing and not a tug.