Indian Lake Thur, 10/30

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  1. It was a tough day of fishing today. Fished from 10:30-3:30 and caught two saugeye between two fishermen. We weren't the only boat who found it tough today. I never saw a fish caught today in another boat. We asked many other fishermen how they were doing and they were stuck on one fish also. I ran across one guy who caught two fish himself. We tried crappie and gill fishing briefly and traveling through the reserve no fishermen said they were catching anything. Yes, even the crappie and gills were shut down. When we loaded the boat at Lakeview ramp we questioned the bank fishermen and they were stuck on two fish. A couple groups had two so they were doing as good if not better than boaters today.

    Water temperature was 39 which surprised me being that cold. Last Monday 10/20 it was 53. Water had about a foot of visibility. Had a high sky with about 12-15 mph SW wind. We fished Dream Bridge, North Fork, Cranberry Bay, Game Reserve and the south bank. Mainly used vibees, but did troll a bit along the south bank on the way back to the ramp.

    We caught one saugeye at Dream Bridge and the other in one of the small ponds in the reserve. Both eyes were caught in 9 fow on the black shinner 3/8 oz vibee. We used a variety of colors and ended up taking both fish on the same color in different locations..
  2. reports were tuff all around lake. Fished Old Field saw 3 fish caught in late evening.Left for home hit one more spot right at dark. Used a 3/16th vibe clown and slow hopped it got 5 in 20 minutes one was 24". Then it was over. Warm weather will wake it up again temps will come up to active temp again.

  3. heading up on monday afternoon with the boat chasing eyes. Will give a report.
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    Hey slim, I think you can start charging and offering to take people with you. :p
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    fa realz!

    I got 5 on it. :p
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    How is the water level? Boating hazards?
  7. Fished IL Thursday for panfish, only had 2 crappie, lost a couple more, and had 5 keeper gills.

    Beautifull day to be out.
  8. Hey Capital, I'd be willing to pay him, because he is alway catching and not just fishing like the rest of us!! LOL
  9. You bet!!!! The lake is down about 2 feet. Last week I hit three stumps between Moundwood and DB, two in the hight speed zone. Lost one brand new prop.
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    Yes, another tough day today. We fished 5 hours and not a fish. Several boats reported zip. DB, Moundwood and inbetween. We did witness three guys flip a small Jon Boat at Mountwood. Three full grown men 10' boat???
    Helped tow their boat in. NO PFD??? One person was exhausted, good thing it was only in 5-6' of water!

    It will get better!
  11. I would be interested to know how the Moundwood night bite is going. Is it shut down like the day bite right now? Slim mentioned that the water temp needed to go up again the get the bite going. What is a good water temp this time of year to get a good bite on?

    As far as, stumps etc I didn't have any trouble when I was there on Thursday. However, I was thinking about stumps on every move we made. The lake is extremely shallow right now so be careful.
  12. Went fishing Thursday at Moundwood. Weather seemed just right for a good bite. Fish started hitting right at sun set. 20 guys fishing. Saw 20 fish or so caught. Most had left by 8:00 PM.