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  1. I am planning on going up to Indian Lake on Thursday. I have been there a couple times in the past month and never had problems hitting stumps. However, I know the water level is going down so I am somewhat hesitant to take the boat out for fear of hitting one. Has anyone had problems hitting stumps at Indian in the past few weeks? Are there any spots that I should avoid that are particularly dangerous? Is it safe to run on plane in open water even though it is so shallow? I will probably put in at Lakeview because I think it has deeper water than the Moundwood ramp. I plan on running to Dream Bridge, North Fork and Moundwood. I may hit Dunn's Pond or the Reserve for gills and crappie if the saugeye aren't co-operating. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
  2. your plan sounds good.

    I was there with my dad last weekend and there were no problems just a couple bumps way back in the canals but open water is fine.

    Just keep an eye on the fish finder and you should be just fine.

    Good luck the eyes are really starting to pick up there.:B

  3. Thanks tchrist5! I guess I should mention that I have an 18' Stratos Fish-n-ski. Also, has anyone had any trouble loading or unloading at the Moundwood ramps?
  4. Yes we did hit bottom or bump a rock loading 19ft stratos at Moundwood last wedensday 10 22 08
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    i tore the whole lower unit out of my boat about four years back near dunns pond just be carefull and it is best if you are in doubt slow down and have a spotter on the bow the fish finder won't always help
  6. i wiped out a prop 2 weeka ago . i hit somthing on the north side of dream bridge and also going into moundwood on the left side at the mouth of the channel thet is a big hump that gets real shallow . just be carefull and you will be fine . good luck fishing . ps . i had no problems at mound wood ramp . dont use the first ramp its always been bad .
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    Be careful going out of blackhawk and the area by the campground on that side of the lake. If you come straight out the channel at blackhawk your ok but off to the sides are stumps.
  8. I have fished Indian for a few years and have never had a problem. I was up there a couple of weeks ago and must of just nicked something going pretty fast because I broke a tooth on my pinion gear in forward. . . . somthing like that anyway:( :( . I just know that it clicked when I went forward and the faster I went the faster it clicked. I have an 18 foot Procraft bass boat. Unfortuantley, I have a stainless prop. I will being putting on my aluminum next time at Indian because the repair is not going to be cheap. Be careful the water is down a couple feet from what it is used to, or so I am told.
  9. Thanks for all your feedback. I am going to venture out tomorrow and hope for the best keeping in mind everything you guys have said. I will post how I did tomorrow night after the kids finish trick or treating. Hopefully, I will have a good report.