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  1. with all of the saugeye that are caught below the spillway at Indian, where do you think that they come from ? i have heard both ways that
    1. they get washed out of the lake over the spillway, during high water.
    2. that they migrate up stream, and stop at the spillway.
    all i know, is that 2 years ago when everybody was catching them below the spillway, that the DNR said they got washed out of the lake. I can belive that a few might have got washed over, but not the numbers that were caught that year.
    Whats everyones thoughts on this ?
  2. its true ALL of them have been washed out of the some point when they were young.

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    Not trying to hijack your thread, but the same question always comes up in my neck of the woods regarding walleye caught in Beaver Creek below the Grand Lake St. Marys spillway. I subscribe to the theory that the fish come from the lake, while others argue that they come from somewhere downstream. Maybe a little bit of both? Joshy makes a good point, though, maybe they were initially introduced to the stream from the lake, and now they move up and down the stream with the seasons and water level fluctuations...:confused:
  4. Here's a question for the experts: are they "migrating", or have they just learned that more bait washes over the spillway in high water and they move to the "dam" to have first dibs on the stunned bait fish?
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    Either way, they originated in the lake. Final answer.
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    The fish come from the lake, but apparently the fish below the tailwaters are a combination of both those recently washed out of the lake, and those that have been washed in the stream for some time, and then migrated to the spillway.

    Check out this article:

    "Movement of reservoir-stocked riverine fish between tailwaters, streams, and rivers"

    I've caught saugeye in streams that are miles from stocked lakes, such as the Stillwater River. (they can swim up that from the Great Miami River.)
  7. are they gettin anying eyes rigth now,I deff soudl say they coem over from the main lake when they are really small and the water is up.
  8. fished the lake today-nasty chocolate milk. 8:00-2:00 only one fish between two of us and one missed.yes the fish below come from the lake,ask any old timer that does it yearly when the big rains come. have spoke to a few lately- they did well right after the rain,when the water is rising,but once it starts to recede i am told the bite slows pretty quick.right now the water is still up but not sure of anyones catches.
  9. the fish seem to have come from the lake but I would argue that you are catching fish that are swimming upstream because of the rise in water flow. It triggers a migratory response. Knowing its easier to migrate up or down stream during high water. The bite dies off for two reasons. Alot of the fish that are prevented from going any further by the dam are caught and removed. Then once the flow begins to slow the fish move down stream searching for deeper holes where they are more comfortable and not as crowded with thier fellow fishy friends. This is how I beleive and I won't beleive otherwise until I See a adult saugeye swim over the spillway. If they were coming over the spillway as adults then you would likely have good fishing on the lake side of the spillway during high water, catching fish that were waiting their turn to swim over the spillway. I don't think that happens.
    I guess the Only way to prove it is to put a net across the spillway during high water and see if the adult saugeye show up. then you would know where they were from.
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    it is a fact that adult,as well as young fish go over/through dams on the lakes during high water periods.they also will migrate up/downstream depending on season/conditions.if anyone thinks only young fish go through,you're dead wrong.i don't tink indian is any different in this respect,than any other lake/spillway.if only young fish got through,it would be impossible to catch fish there that have been tagged in the lake as adults,as has happened in studies;)
  11. i would like to see that study. not because I don't belive you. Ive just always wanted an answer to this. I also wonder what percentage etc...
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    josh,i don't have anything handy right now,but if youdo some research on the different dnr studies,i think you'll find it.i do know that tagged fish have been caught below hoover recently,as was reported last year during the studies there.i think this is why the best fishing seems to come during the cold weather months when excess water is released,and to a lesser degree at other times of the year when excess water is released.
  13. Hey big Joshy i am with misfit on this one you are right saugeyes are current freaks in rivers and streams high water will have them swimming up all high water tributaries till they get stopped,but as mentioned fish of all sizes come over or thru the spillway tubes when high releases happen. Perfect example is at Alum Creek just this week many stunned Saugeyes were seen floating in water below dam from coming thru the release. Point is high water means concentrated fish at dam faces or holes just below they will stay there till water recedes and as you said then spread back out. Delaware dam this week was releasing hard and was there other day with fish swimming on top each other in a certain area snaggers haven:( soon as water goes down very few fish remain there.
  14. I have been a die hard winter spill way fisherman for the last 25 years or so. Take Alum creek. More times than I can count, I have seen 5 lb. Plus saugeye floating down stream after coming out of the shoot during heavy discharge. Muskie too. I also believe that the fish that are moving up steam this time of year during high water are making a pre stage spawing run. Even though saugeye can not reproduce, they still try!
  15. I give up!!! :) Im not a hardcore spillway fishermen so ive never seen a stunned saugye. The spillway at Indian is quite a bit different and is a true spillway. maybe the reason the fishing can be so hot there is because the fish that go over it are not beat to death like they are on the big dams. I wonder also if it take a more major flood event to encourage fish to go over the spillway at indian, whereas they can easily go through at any time on the bigger dams. I guess it makes sense because I would think that river raised saugeye would have a slimmer shape, but ive caught some fat slobs at deer Creek.
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    i don't believe the fish generally go over/through the dams/spillways by choce.this is just theory based on my little knowledge and a little guesswork.i think during cold water periods,the fish will head to deeper water in lakes,where they spend much of their time when not coming up to feed on shorelines,etc.
    usually some of the deepest water in a lake is directly above the dam,which is why those are popular winter fishing spots.when high water/outfow occurs,some of those fish just get caught up in the power of the current and get washed through or over,whichever the case may be.from there,they eventually disperse downstream when conditions are not favorable in the spillway areas.i.e. low water,o2 levels etc.
    late winter/early spring then drives them back up due to the spawning urge.these are the reasons that nov.-april were always my favorite spillway fishing times;)
  17. misfit i have seen them floating down spillway at alum touched them with my rod fish took off never saw them agian happened one day 4 or 5 times the fact that i did not see them again makes me think they made it all nice keeper fish.
  18. Big Joshy, me and you are thinking a like.
    1 reason that i have a hard time believeing that most of the saugeye at IL come over the spillway, is that if a saugeye/ walleye can swim upstream against a heavy current when they migrate, why cant the saugeye above the spillway swim out or away from the spillway before they get washed over?
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    but you're both thinking wrong;)
    now,seriously,can someone tell me the closest lake below indian,where all those saugeyes migrate from?i'm not that familiar with the great miami,but not aware of any lakes below indian or on any gmr tribs that would account for those fish.and i'm not aware of any stockings in the river either.i know they will migrate upstream,but where are they coming from,if they are not coming from indian,and there are no stockings below?
  20. Guys indian also has a small pump as well just above spillway which backs up water to it not all i feel go over at dam but thru pumping area,also have you ever looked at indian when flooded? Water spills out elsewhere that is how trailer park and houses on other end of lake get flooded fish get out in the ditches and end up in the river as well. Just another thought. I do think though some fish were stocked in river down by sydney in past as well those fish will come up river in high conditions till they get stopped.