Indian Lake snow

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  1. We are heading to IL on Saturday, just trying to get a snow level report? Is there a lot on the ice?
  2. reported that a foot came down. From the pics it looks tough.

  3. It is TERRIBLE!!!! There were 3-4ft drifts.. Wind was kicking and took a toll, ice was also melting underneath the snow... Very slushy. Does not look good right now.
  4. I just called Lakeside Bass Pro they said about afoot of snow and there is guys still fishn out there just watch for holes that have been predrilled when walking out.
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    Yesterday afternoon my dad & I went out at the mouth of moundwood was the only shanty out there about 1foot of snow on top of 9" of ice. No fish saw some perch,shad&2 crappie on the camera . Some guys went back to Dunns pond.