Indian Lake Saugeyes

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  1. Stopped by Indian for the first time in awhile and fished a spot over by Oldfield in main lake and jigged up 3 nice saugeyes 19" and 2-21" ones. Chartruese 1/8th ounce jig. Slammed jig hard no doubters. Was good to hit the old stomping grounds for awhile. :)
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    Good to hear there showing up, wont be long and the bite will be in full swing. Let me know when you see them pads start dying off, I should be ready to go by then. Check your pm's

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  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    Been awhile since I've seen a fishslim post ;)

    Only you would get 3 eyes at indian when no one else is :D Goood Job! :)
  4. Lima Eyecatcher

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    Good to hear someone catching some. Its 0430 and Im heading out in 1/2 hour to give it another try. I will post my results. Always have radio on 68 if anyone want to chat. Again good Job.

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    that sounds like fun, do you use a leader? they usually mess with my line when i catch them on the scioto
  6. Have never used a leader at Indian, or while in Canada for that fact. I remember growing up and fishing at Erie, we always used leaders. When I took my uncle out on Indian the first time, he could not believe that we didn't use leaders while trolling or casting. As far as breaking off, I can't think of one time that the line broke while 'eye fishing at Indian.
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    Sorry for the delay in my report, computer doesnt like me. We caught one eye and two crappie on a vibee 30' behind the board on the 15th . Was a slow day.

    Went out today and only caught a 6.9 lb cat. I spoke to a guy who had 4 eyes at 0730. He started at 0600 and went sraight to the middle of the lake from Lakeview. I may try again on Friday. Will post results if I go.

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