Indian Lake Saugeye

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  1. Went up Saturday and Sunday. Fished the channel at Old Field both nights. Stayed until almost 9 on Sat and 8 on Sunday. Not a whole lot going on. Snagged a few shad, which the 7 yr. old son thought was fun. We threw a variety of stick baits at them as well as some jigs.

    There were several guys fishing below the spillway. We fishe Moundwood for about 30 minutes on looked like chocolate milk, but the rest of the lake seemed rather clean.
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    Thanks for the report. Thought about staying at my trailer for the weekend on indian this weekend but waiting to see how the weather is this week and how the water looks.

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    went up to Indian Lake yesterday to fish the spillway, no luck, the only person that really caught anything was a wader and he was using a stick bait with perch collors plenty of orange on the belly, I used a variety of baits even minnows with no luck, in fact the only ones that did catch anything was the waders and there was only one guy that had a stringer and he was the one with the stick bait, all I can say is when i fish up there again Im bringing the boat, all that walking for nothing wore me out, we did manage to catch a few crappies there with only 3 keepers but saugeye fishing was slow to none.
  4. If you want to catch saugeyes at indian all u need to do is throw a firetiger crank bait . hard to keep them off it