Indian Lake Saugeye

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  1. I went out this morning alone :T -the gf's uncle ditched out last night.

    Water Temp cooled down- was 72 last sunday,now 66 this morning in front of blackhawk.

    Trolled from blackhawk and didn't get anything until I hit my waypoint from my favorite buoy last year. Total of 5 saugeye- 14.5"-18.5" range,a channelcat,and a nice 12.5" crappie. 6:30-7:30,the bite was on. Hard to keep my lone planerboard rod in the water.

    After 8:00,the bite was off. I trolled all the way from hermit isle,moose,oldfield beach, and pew island-hitting that old buoy waypoint a dozen times.

    I didn't see too much net action,but there were quite a few boats out there. At least the dinks were down to a minimum of 1, LOL. Only 1 snag,but came off easily. 2 snags last 17 hrs of trolling,lost 1 bait.


    They are calling for 40 mph gusts tomorrow,along with temp in the 90's :C

    2 more days till my vacation starts!!!
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    :) Nice catch with eyes man, nice crappie as well...
  4. I use the thinnest rubberbands that I can find at staple's. Then put a few a nicks in them with fingernail clippers to weaken them. That 18.5" saugeye didn't break the rubberband on the planerboard,but a 5" crappie did! LOL

    That crappie was plum full of eggs,as well as the Channel cat.
  5. Nice job Saugmon. Still getting 'em on Bombers?
  6. Only bombers,but certain colors! Tenn Shad has been the hottie the last 2 trips. Firecraw is usually the color. No luck on the Apple Red craw,but it did very well last year. I got 10 other colors that hasn't caught squat.

    They run true and the newer TX2 hooks are very-very sharp. My dad had one of them burried in his finger last year, OUCH!!!
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    I have never used planerboards before. Any tips on using them or good web site to go to for info?
  8. Here's a thread with some pics of planerboards,including mine.

    They are fairly basic. I use shower curtain rings-the metal ones like you'd attach a golf towel to your golf bag. Then thin rubber bands. I have line counter reels so the rod I'm setting on the board,I let out about 24' of line. Then looping a rubberband on my line,attach curtain ring on the planerboard line and slide it down next to the board. Fish bites,rubberband suppose to break-which usually doesn't for saugeye-LOL,Line goes directly behind boat so you reel it straight in.

    CRITICAL:T the planer board rod tips must be higher than side rods. You can run 2 lines per planerboard,just have to stairstep the line-furthest outside rod highest,lower as you get toward the boat. Otherwise the lines would tangle up when the board trips. I lose quite a few bites with them,but it allows me to get out extra rods and try different colors.

    :T 6' of water,rough waves, and stump city,planerboards can be a nightmare at IL.Deep water,Pc of cake.

    I keep the planer rods running 4' deep and the side rods very close to bottom.
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  9. Hey Saugmon,
    What color is Tenn Shad? Those planer boards sound like a nightmare at times, but must be worth the trouble. Right? If it catches 121/2" crappie at IL it would be worth it to me!
  10. Look at the bottom right. It's got some gray/green/white.


    My dad was always a shad color fan for Erie eyes so he decided to pick up a couple of the shad bombers last year and they are one of the few productive colors for us at IL.
  11. I've been up a few times and caught a couple of limits on bombers (red craw and fire craw). Haven't used Tenn. shad or boards yet. It seems a little slower this year for trolling but maybe it's still a little early. I was using grappler shads and caught plenty but too many snags. Thanks for the bomber tip.
  12. It's definitely slower. Here's my boat #'s for this time last year:


    End of june-1st half of July was even better!