Indian Lake Saugeye Challenge

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    Date: Sunday, October 28
    Place: Indian Lake, Ohio
    Launch Site: Lakeview Ramp
    Time: 7:30 A.M.-3:30 P.M.
    Entry Fee: $100.00 Per team
    Includes $10.00 Big Fish Pot
    80% pay back to top 3 places as well as plaques for top 3 teams
    1 Big Fish pay out

    Registration will end 6:30am, Sunday October 28th.
    No checks will be taken the day of the tournament.
    There will be a six fish limit and all fish must be at least 15 inches long and living. Dead fish will not be weighed at all.
    All Boats must be at weigh in by 3:30 P.M.
    Life vests must be worn any time outboard motor is running over a trolling speed.
    Please contact John Stalling at (937) 407-1398 with any questions.
    Please return bottom portion along with entry fee to:
    John Stalling 18096 Twp Rd 95, Kenton, OH 43326

    E-Mail Address____________________________________
    Name: __________________ Name: _________________
    Address: ________________________________________
    Phone Number: __________________________________
    Entry Fee: $100.00 ______ Big Fish Fee: $10 _____
    Boat Brand: _________________
  2. glad to see this john, should be a great tourny, will be getting in touch with you. see ya there

  3. caught over 100 crapp 6 saugeueys nice night the bite is on at night that was 10/12/07