Indian lake saugeye action is heating up

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  1. First time getting the boat out this year. Dad and I ended up limiting out on saugeye by 10 am this morning. Got a late start at 6:15 am. Great action till 8:30 am around chippewa park. Then a couple in my old #4 buoy waypoint,which is off by 200+ yds from 2 seasons ago. Then dead until we trolled into blackhawk,oldfield beach. Got the last 4 saugeye there from 9:40 to 10 am.

    Nothing huge,all good eaters between 15"-17". Threw back 10 in the 13"-14" range-very plump, and 1 cigar from last year's 2.2 million stocking. I thought we'd hammer those cigars.We also lost a few from the planerboards. This is the best action that I ever had for this time of year,and the saugeye usually run small this time of year..

    2 white bass,one went 15"

    Water Temp at blackhawk: 68 degress.

    Water clarity of main lake: 1' which is clearer than normal.Already pulling up a lot of weeds from bouncing the bottom of main lake.

    Bomber B02's took all but 1 saugeye. Firecraw took 7, Tennessee shad got 2,and Blue/Chrome took 2 from pb.Chrome/black Bandit 100 series took 1 from the pb.

    Early,they hit anything. Later,firecraw is all they wanted.

    The steady weather we've had in the last week has turned them on. Should be awesome til the next cold front moves in.

    We will be out there again tomorrow morning.
  2. Thanks for the great report! Wish more guys would provide such detail in their reports. Very informative.

  3. We didn't make it out today because of storms.Boat ramp at moundwood had very few trailers sitting there. I got a lot to do around the house so no biggie.. Should be good fishing now,before the coldfront moves in later today.
  4. Fished off pew today.caught 5 in the 16 inch range an 1 around 20.I was using wally diver in chartruce an fire tiger. got out right after the storms fished till 11am.water temp was 64.Bite should get better as water temp warms a little more.Caught a couple of smaller one
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    we trolled just for about a 30 mins after playing around the lake sunday. it was about 3:00, we lost an18" saugeye at the boat because they didnt have the net ready and my dad tried horsing it into the boat. that just had a nightcrawler bouncing along. we hadnt kicked the boat in gear yet. i started trolling a silver w/black back rat-l-trap and caught a nice 12ish eye. we had just passed winnewauken island heading back to dunns pond. not bad for the middle of the day just playing around. saw tons of carp rolling around the edges though. the little kids around were loving watching them!
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    Finally getting out again eh saugmon?

    Nice report!
    Thanks for posting!
    Any shore action lately?
  7. It was too packed sunday around pew. I usually like to run my starboard planerboard about 10' from that rock point with a very sharp turn.
  8. me and my 11 year old son was out trolling for saugeyes last friday the 23rd and had a great day. 2 man limit, the biggest just over 4#, 3 more in the 3#range, the rest 16-19 inches. we were trolling the atchisons bay area and the channel going back, not sure of the name. fish came on shallow and deep number 5 and number 7 shad raps. we also had one just under 5 pounds that won the big fish jackpot in the wrwa tourny the 18th. attached a few pictures, will be back out this friday.

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  9. Fished Indian today. Caught a few saugeyes on wormharness and a few on jigs. All fish were caught around dream bridge.
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    New to trollin IL, was windering what speed you guys shoot for while trollin?
  11. are there any good shore spots for saugeye on the lake?
  12. water temps 55-62 about 2mph 62-68 2.5 mph above 68 3mph. thats what works for me.
  13. fishin' coach: I shoot for whatever bites my bombers,LOL!

    Saugeye,Crappie,Perch,Whitebass, and very soon-channelcats,shovelheads-especially around oldfield beach. I snagged into a 28" carp a few years ago from a planerboard.

    The perch and crappie are thriving.

    Nice Eyes pumper!
  14. Water Temp in main lake,in front of Chippawa: 66 degrees. Water murky-clarity of 6" and prime for saugeye,but not as bad I thought,after the torrential rains and wind we got friday/saturday.

    Dad and I tore them up again. I discovered a new killer. Bandit 100 Series,mistake!!!!

    Lost a :B very early in the morning around chippewa and I was po'd. Lost 2 other decent fish near the boat. We only had 1 dink by 8:00 am and it literally sucked. Trolled from chippewa,moose,my old #3,#4 buoys,pew. Then my Casio Pathfinder watch showed 4 fish on the dial while heading from pew to oldfield beach. It showed 0 fish last week when we fished and limited out. That screen goes nuts during the full and new moons. It's pretty bad when a wrist watch comes with a 1/4" thick manual,and you have to set the gps coordinates into it. After the 4 fish icons popped up on the watch, We had our limit of 12 saugeye plus 2-3 throwbacks that could have easily kept in the 14"-15" range by 9:30 am. We accidentally had 1 extra in the livewell and 12 in the cooler.I had to empty the cooler to get an accurate count. The numbers were way down,and then the bite took on very fast,and for an hour this time. Lucky that little 15" was still alive and threw it back into to catch next year.

    2 saugeye were 18",rest were 15"-17.5". A very nice batch of tasty saugeye! If I had that :B ,it would have been a awesome day!!!!

    Also had an 18" channelcat.


    Notice how plump some of them are,and very healthy!!!

    Lots of boats in the water,but I didn't see a single net. All of them kept hovering around me. 1 boat even snagged into my planerboard rod.Boy did I think I had another hawg on!!!!

    BTW: All fish came within the vicinity of Oldfield Beach and in front of Blackhawk.The planerboards that had the Bandits ,tore them up!!! Firecraw bombers on side rods took about 4. Blue chrome may have taken 1,but lost a lot of eyes?.
  15. nice job saugmon, nice picture, you aint a kidding about that mistake the 200 series works well also. the fish i have been catching are also very plump. seems how you left a few of those big ones get away i may have to come and get them fri lol. good job, have vacation on friday hope to be there. thanks for the post.
  16. Another slaughter of saugeye this morning,and they were all in the 14.5"-17" with a lot of 14" throwbacks. Only 1 dink. That's a total of 3 dinks this season from last years stocking, which is very weird.Usually this early in summer,5 dinks to 1 keeper.

    Not many boats on the lake. Was suppose to rain/storm most of the day,but turned out to be a nice,cool, overcast sky,10 mph winds and 0 wind at 10 am.

    Also got a nice 13" crappie,full of eggs.

    Water temp in main lake: 72 degrees and 1' clarity. Great trolling action until wt in high 80's.

    Bandits are on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that the time has come ,when my Bomber B02's have let me down.
  17. nice report saugmon, i plan on being up there sometime this week going after some eyes.. was there any particular color on the bandits that the saugeyes hit the best if you dont mind me askin?
  18. Mistake

    Better buy them somewhere other than IL. I bought the last 7 at the local bass pro bait shop,LOL!!!!

    Dad and I fished this morning. Very windy and wavy. Could not find no particular hotspots,but did manage 9 keepers and a 1st time that I've seen a 2 lb sucker hit a crankbait. 19.5" was the largest and rest 15-17". Only 1 dink.

    B02 Firecraw took 1
    B02 Tennessee shad took 1
    Bandits took everything else.
  19. Just wondering what are these bandits that every one is refering to. Ive never heard of em. Anyone got any pics of one?
  20. heres one..[​IMG]
    most stores have them such as gander mountain, dicks sporting goods, or even walmart