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Indian Lake Info

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishing247, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. i have never been to indian lake and i will be visiting friends who are not fishing people. can you help me out on what to fish for and how and any spots to troll. it looks like trolling is the best method? can i bass fish early in the morning? thanks in advance for the help. i will buy the 1st round for the person who helps me. it never hurts to suck up.
  2. I think the general rule for trolling is that its best at the mouths of channels leading to the boat ramps. Find the humps near those mouths. Whether that be Lakeview, Blackhawk, or Moundwood. Dream Bridge area isn't a bad place to troll either.

    My neighbor goes bass fishing there all the time. Try the outer edges of the lily pads, fallen wood, mouths of channels, etc.

    All of these areas can get busy with boats though. I'm sure there are better spots in quieter water, but no one has showed me yet ;)

    Also checkout saugmon's posts in Central Ohio forum

  3. I would try the south bank first then in front of Old Field beach. If these spots don't produce I'd try the moundwood area and Dream bridge. Try trolling shallow crank baits, or drift with night crawlers.
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    Take a look in the Central Ohio Forum. There are a ton of I.L. posts there. It's my understanding that Saugeye trolling is a bit slow this year.

  5. thanks for the info. i will be there saturday and sunday. hopefully i will catch a few. have fast do troll? 3-5mph