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  1. i have never been to indian lake and i will be visiting friends who are not fishing people. can you help me out on what to fish for and how and any spots to troll. it looks like trolling is the best method? can i bass fish early in the morning? thanks in advance for the help. i will buy the 1st round for the person who helps me. it never hurts to suck up.
  2. The trolling in the main lake has been tough. That's all I do until the water temp gets in the upper 80's.

    The nighttime trollers have been faring better,but still slower than normal. The only hot daytime trolling action is the channelcats, LOL. They are nailing our cranks like it's going out of style,and averaging 2 lbs each.. Water temp dropped 6 degrees since frinday evening.

    Last year,I was averaging 10 keepers per trip for 2 of us. It was awesome.Find a hot spot,pull out 4,find another,pull out 4 more and whala!This year,4 is a good day!! Catch 1,and that was the hot spot, LOL. Catch another 1-2 hrs later,and you found the 2nd hotspot.

    No skunks,but only getting 1-2 keepers or so per trip during the last 5 trips. It still beats working!

    7pm to 8 pm has been a pretty good time for me and getting some 20"-22" saugeyes. Not many,but better than the mornings.. They are in there,just the unstable weather-cold fronts-really screw with them. They're still nice and meaty,so they're not stressed out yet. The ones we catch are puking up a lot of shad.

    Shad and Firetiger are the hot colors. Charteuse as well. Shallow divers/short/wide bodied- that dive 2' to 6'. Get a lure retriever. Don't expect to get out a 100+ yds of line. All I use is 32' behind the boat. You don't need much line released to catch IL saugeye. Rattletraps also work pretty good :T .

    Not sure about the bass fishing. Should be pretty decent.

    When you coming up?

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    I'll be at Indian next Thursday and Friday for business, but hope to get some fishing in at some point. I've never fished it, but was thinking of bringing my canoe with trolling motor and trying my luck. So you're saying there's a good catfish population? What the word on the gills?
  4. There are nice holes in the Dream Bridge area. The no wake area around there is good for trolling. I've caught a couple of nice 5 pounders there and I don't saugeye or walleye fish that much. If you don't have a boat, south bank horseshoe is pretty good, along with Blackhawk channel and Moundwood Channel. The channels may be better later toward fall. That is when it really picks up and you limit out. I've had a couple that would go close to 7 lb. in an area called Barnes Landing, but once again later in the fall. If you DO have a boat, don't be afraid to throw some shallow running crankbaits, rattletraps or Vib-e's along the rocks and seawalls. Especially if the waves are cracking in real good since it will be forcing bait fish in.
    I do plenty of bass fishing on Indian Lake. We target pads mainly. We're flippin fools. Caught some nice saugeyes flipping pads for bass too. They're kind of just everywhere. Was out yesterday and my buddy caught a smallie and I nailed a nice catfish, among the bass we caught. I was mainly flipping jigs and he was using a softcrawl. Hope this helps some.
  5. Got 3 :T last night between 5-7 Pm, after that-shutdown. 1 nice one at 22".

    This morning,Lost a bigun at 5:40 am and ended up with 5-all between 15"-18".

    All scattered. I pick 1 up here and there. It really slowed down after 8 am. Dinks and channelcats still hitting. Water temp at 74 in the main lake. Storms coming through,so hard telling how they'll hit tomorrow.

    Not many boats out,but saw quite a few nets.
  6. thanks for the info. i will be there saturday and sunday. hopefully i will catch a few.
  7. have fast do troll?

  8. What baits you using?

    Years of using bombers, I go 3.0 mph via gps-with the wind/against/and crosswind. Other baits,you'll have to find out the best speed they run and how what speed the eyes will hit. Some go over 4 mph,that is flying in my book. A lot of baits will not run right at faster speeds like the flat billed baits.

    I got my 6 eyes this morning,dad picked up 1. Started hitting at 6:30 am and done about 7:45. am. The last stragler came around 9 am. It's the hottest bite I've seen this year,but an average bite last year.

    At least they were in the same vicinity instead of picking up 1 every mile or 2..
  9. if you need a partner this weekend let me know. i will pay for gas.
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    I'll have to get in touch with a few of you, as you seem a bit knowledgeable about Indian Lake. I have a weeks vacation there in late August and have never been there before. Will be targeting...well, what's there...sauger and/or saugeye? Either way, I'll be bringing my 16' Fisher and will be looking for tips and/or company! Things will change alot from now until I'll keep checking in!
  11. August: You'll probably have to fish at night for saugeye. I've never caught any after the middle of July-water temp too high.
    Water temp is 80,so not much time left till they do their annual disappearing act.

    fishing247, Check your pm box
  12. fishing247 and I went out this morning and we got 6 eyes,and 3 of them dandy.

    Here's a pic of Dave holding his Fish Ohio 21"er and 20" Saugeye:


    Chrome/Black bandit 100 took those 2 and also a 15-all on dave's planerboard". I had another chrome/black on my planerboard and got quite a few trips-no fish. That bait was nice and chewed up.

    I ended up having to throw on an old Bomber Flat A firetiger to keep from getting :S . I then picked up a 20" and a 15".That's the 1st eyes I caught with it in 3 years.

    We picked the last 2 eyes when we slowed down to pull in the boards.Most of the action was around 6:15 am-7 am.


    3 eyes at 20"-21"! No dinks,and missed some trips off the boards. We found another good saugeye trolling bait for my setup!!!! Can't wait till next year.

    Water temp=83 degrees and climbing. Not much time left folks. 90+ temps the next 2 days.
  13. Do you think the cooler temps. and rain will prolong or help the bite. I don't know weather to go tomarrow a.m.,or wait till late week. Thanks in advance.
  14. Better go tomorrow morning. May not bite later on in the week or weekend..

    Almost the end of the daytime saugeye trolling. They'll disappear very soon. Last year,it was after it hit 88 degrees. We got mid 90 degree weather for the next 2 days,so that water temp will rise.
  15. Is the hot water night bite a deep water(Dream Bridge,S. bank)trolling pattern or do they move shallow at night?
  16. A veteran IL saugeye troller I chat with on some other forums,and met personally last weekend, mainly night fishes for saugeye. Retired and lives on the lake. Trolling usually in channels,next to islands,bays,etc-never over 3.5' deep and all night long. He claims a 50 bite night is poor and a 100 bite night is decent.

    He knows all the dredgeslots,dropoffs,and other nooks and crannies that saugeye can hide. They come in to the shallows to feed at night-not sure after the water starts to boil. He uses sensitive graph,gps-makes plot trails.Got the lake plotted off in quarters and in seasons. He's got dive curves all figured in for all his lures.MPH,line released,etc.He claims as to getting very few snags if he stays to his gps plot trails.

    Most of that stuff is way over my head right now. Equipment will have to be upgraded. I also don't have much time,being as memorial day to 4th of july is my main saugeye time and I do an above average success for being a non structural main lake troller..

    Basically saugeye Nightfishing: Stick to the shallows,use stickbaits that don't dive to the bottom- Reef runner 500,Shadraps,rogues,etc-,keep track of your yardage released-LC reels,keep trolling speed around 2.0-2.5 mph-GPS,Deep track of the depth and any dropoffs,and be prepared for snags. Snags are not very fun during the daytime,let alone in the dark, LOL

    One of these nights I'll try it.
  17. Thanks again for all the info.,even more than I hoped for. I'm going to try a few hours in the dark,through mid morning before the boiling starts. I'll be sure to bring the lure retriver and a bright light!!