Indian Lake Ice

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  1. A couple of us hit IL on Saturday morning. The report we had was they were catching them at the reserve on Friday. We fished the reserve until about 11 am but they never really turned on. We caught gills but hardly any keepers. Marked alot of fish but they just wouldn't bite. About 11:30 went to Long Island and there were about 25 people there. It looked like it was an early bite. Did see a few crappies, perch and some keeper gills on the ice.Looks like we'll be done ice fishing for awhile.
  2. Should have stayed in the GR.

    We started at LI and only had 1 keeper in about 4 hours. Bite was extremely slow there they entire day i heard.

    The the gills turned on at about 2:30 in the GR. Between my dad, my cousin and myself we ended up with about 90 huge bluegills by dark. My dad quit fishing at about 3:30 and we had probably 40 by that time.

    And your right, going to be along time before we get back on the ice.