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  1. I am new to the ice fishing scene. Just spent 50 bucks at BPS for ice stuff and now I am looking to go Sunday Morning. Where at Indian Lake should I go for some good action for a rookie. Keep in mind, I have never done this before. We have a new shanty my buddy bought to try out but agian we don't know anything about bait or lure or anything when it comes to ice fishing. Appreciate any help.

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    Big Mike - If your hitting Indian lake i'd suggest going to Long Island area after some pan fish.

    OR if you know any land owners up in your area that you can get on to fish a farm pond or two that is what i'd suggest for a 1st timer.

    Just get there get the feel of things, catch some fish then move your way up.

    if your lookin at jigs, no better place then

    I'd also suggestion heading to the Hard Water Forum area and asking some questions.

    You can also stop by Findlay and poke around there (close to your place) and ask some questions to the guys down there.

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    big mike,
    wax worms, mousees or red wiggler worms have always been for me. Also gold, neon green or pink and purple and silver lures have worked about the best for me this year. Drop your jig to the bottom and pick it up about a foot that is usually where they bite the most, if their not biting play with your depth to see if there higher up
  4. Big Mike I'm not sure where you are coming from but if you are going to Indian Lake I would fish Blackhawk or Long Island, if you go to Long Island and are coming via SR 117 then I would recommend stopping by Mike's Bait shop. He is on the North side of the lake just past the grocery/gas station on the left side of the road(South side) he make his own jigs and has a great selection he also has some of the best bait around the lake, if you pass a gas station after the first one I mentioned you went too far. Mike is a straight up guy and will point you in the right dirrection as to what is going on and what they are hitting on, don't try to get too fancy first time out stick to pan fish, there are plenty there to be caught and lately of very nice size.