Indian Lake Hospice Tourney Results?

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  1. Has anyone heard how the Hospice tournament at Indian went this past Sunday?
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    I'm going from memory, so this isn't exact, but Roger Spears and his partner won it with 5 fish that weighed around 10 1/2 pounds. When interviewed in front of all of us, they said they did not pre-fish!

    The Hospice folks put on their best tourney so far and are quickly getting this thing back up to the heights of the M.D. years. I heard 167 teams entered with all the big local names included. Prizes were given out to 80th place with about 3 pounds being the cut-off weight. There were many 5 fish limits and you needed 5-6 pounds to get in the top 30 teams.

    Tough bite for us as we just missed too many fish. Only managed 3 that put us in 69th, but the prizes there were worth the entry. Been fishing it with Dad for 25 years and can't imagine missing it! Great time, for a great cause, going against the best in the area. We'll give 'em heck next year!

    See everyone at Acheson's Monday! ;)

  3. Thanks for the report WS!

    I wish we would have fished it. We fished the MD's when i was younger. Me and dad are entered for the Miami County Builders tourney up there on 14 Sept.

    And i won't have time to pre-fish. :lol: