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Indian Lake Fishing

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CamdenGizzard, May 29, 2007.

  1. CamdenGizzard

    CamdenGizzard Elroderator

    My uncle's wife has a wonderful place on Indian Lake, waters edge I guess. He has been dieing for me to take him fishing up there but I have never been on the lake. I fish mainly in the southwest ohio lakes, east fork, acton lake rush run and so on. I see this lake is very shallow and would like some pointers. I will be fishing for pan fish mainly. Perch, Crappie and maybe some saugeye. I know this time of the year the crappie will move in to deeper water. By lookin at the Indian lake Map i don't see deeper water. Can someone give me some good locations for fishin this lake.

  2. goto and they have a Hot spots map. for all species. I was there this past weekend and thought it was a nice lake... I have an I/O and it never hot anything....Good Luck !

  3. Indian Lake is a top notch Saugeye fishery. It does average around 6 ft deep. There's some deeper spots,mainly around the original part of the lake out by dream bridge.

    My avg keeper saugeye was over 16",and there were a ton of 16 inchers last summer. I get them trolling,but others get them drifting,bassfishing for them,worm harness,and minnows.

    Despite the shallowness,you just gotta get shallow running baits. Lots of stumps,slews of channels,and lots of lillypad beds.

    Get up there and visit uncy in law before the water really heats up-before middle of july!!!!:T