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Indian Lake cooling down any ??

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fear_no_fish, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone ,

    With these cooler evenings, what is going on with the water temps. @ I.L. ? Not that I am looking forward to the fall fishing their this year! Sure has been a hot summer, nothing jigging a Vibe-E won't fix or arrowing a nice whitetail won't fix !! Looking forward to cooler temps and outdoor adventures in the fall and winter .

    Keep fishin & huntin , :! :B

  2. just got back from indian- temps were between 74-76,catfish were biting good.
  3. My wife and I fished Indian tue. We fished for saugeye in some of our better spots but we were shut-out.Tried jigs/minnows,worms,and blades,,,NADA,shadowalker:S
  4. I've been there every Weekend and saw the temps go from 86deg to 74 deg. in a week or so I'm thinking mainly due to the rains...the lake is full too. Saw a guy pull a saugeye on a firetiger crankbait too in the 11' area....
    I'll be there this weekend fishing for saugeye... Hopefully I'll finally get one !