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Indian Lake Conditions??

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FISHERBALL, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. What The Water Like? High? Muddy? Full Of Fish Waiting For My Son & I? Any Info Would Be Greatly Appreciated As We May Go Tomorrow. Where Would You Recommend Going?

    Thanks, Jeff

    P.s. Sorry Guys Tappan Is Too Far To Take My Bad Bearinged Trailer W/ May-blow Tires!
  2. Fisherball,

    I've only fished Indian once, and that was for a bass tourney early in June. My partner and I spent the day mainly in the Blackhawk area on the west side of the lake. The wind was blowing up from the south, and we spent much of the day tossing spinnerbaits into the docks. Had several hits and only one keeper (lost one on the way to the boat). But the fish were smack dab right on the breakwall, and in fact, the hits came only when we tossed the spinnerbaits onto the sidewalk and dropped them into the water. As soon as the baldes got going, they'd hit it. We figured this out about 9 am, and when the sun came out at 9:30 am, it all shut down. Should have spent the rest of the day pitching under the docks with plastics, but didn't and it showed at the weigh-in. Also got some short fish on small cranks, white and charteuse. Hope this helps....


  3. Sorry Fisherball, but I haven't been on Indian Lake since I last posted on June ,6. I, like you, would like to hear what's happening at I.L. but it doesn't seem likely to happen on this board!!!! One might believe that I.L. has totally dried up from what little is posted here. I can't believe that nobody on this site hasn't been on I.L. in the past two and a half weeks. Come on folks, we're not asking for GPS coordinates to your honey hole, just what condition the lake is in, any good fish being caught?
  4. I did go on Saturday. Hit my bank honey hole. My wife got 1 on line but hook didn't set & it was gone. 45 more minutes & not a nibble. Went onto lake in my boat & went to the wrong place cuz we got nothing. After maybe 1 - 1 1/2 hours of fishing the kids wanted to go to beach. ( I thought they wanted to fish) Spent the rest of our time cruising to beach. I fished near it for awhile. Fishfinder showed many in 3-4 fow but I couldn't even get a nibble. Some kid on shore caught a white bass on a hotdog. The lake was fairly clear, the Lake's website said it was 7" above pool. If I would've caught a fish it would've been a very nice trip. We still had fun & it was better then not fishing. I'll go this weekend if I can. ( NO BEACH). It seems that IL people are using a different site. I seen some posts on 2 othger sites about IL, but those sites do not get the amount of people or posts that this one gets.