Indian Lake Catfish?

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  1. I keep hearing about he eyes hittng really well but what about the cats. Im going up on the afternoon of the 2nd and staying till some time on hte third. Im mainly going after crappie and cats and ill be fishing from the bank in a few spots. Just wanted to see if any one is catching either species if so what they hitting on?
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    Try the Central Ohio Fishing Report,there you should find a few on Indian Lake .I know that Indian and CJ Brown can be north-west and central fishing reports.But really their north of I70 and west of Columbus so north west reports? who knows.

  3. Yeah I did. Everyone there is concerned about hte eyes and nothing else, just thought mabey someone in this section had some input.
  4. Dont really fish for them at IL but I caught some a few days ago while fishing for eyes around Dream bridge. They were caught on wormharnesses.
  5. I just returned from Indian. While primarily Saugeye fishing, I did spend an hour after dark one night drifting for catfish. Caught one in front of blackhawk drifting North. I can't say that there is a bad place on the lake but Drifting Old Field Beach/ blackhawk area towards the camp ground has always produced fish. I caught mine on a nightcrawler but cut shad is always a sure bet.
  6. I hardly ever fish for eyes, usually catch em throwing minnows on the bottom. Got one last year on a chichen liver at mound wood

    How was the lake looking? Mud?