Indian Lake 5-5 & 5-6

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  1. I buddy and I fished Indian lake yesterday 6am to 8pm and today 6am to 11am. On Saturday we hit a 2 man limit with 5 throwbacks and this morning we hit 3-1/2 man limit with 4 throwbacks. All were caught on a crappie rig with minnow on top crawler on bottom. Drifting at .4mph. Crawlers caught the most along with 6 nice cats and 4 keeper crappie. All fish went back into the water for the next gal or guy. South bank is where we were about 100 yes from shore drifting shore line
    1st time to this lake and was surprised the deepest I found was 9.6ft but who cares the fish were biting lol
  2. Nice report. Same area i was drifting crawlers last year
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  3. Me and my bud trolled 5 hours AM in 6 feet of water parallel to the South Bank with perch-colored Wally Divers at 3 mph. Result: 8 keeper saugeyes and almost as many throwbacks. Ran into a brutal insect hatch of midge-like brown flies that covered everything. Don't know if that had anything to do with the decent bite.
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  4. Indian lake any information on lake conditions coming over tomorrow
  5. That was my 1st trip there. I met my buddy there - he is from Cincinnati and I’m from Akron - it was close to midway between us. Sorry I can’t help
  6. Fished there yesterday with my fishing buddy we started fishing at 8:00 am and were limited out by 12:15 pm. We threw back several smaller saugeye. After we limited out we fished awhile longer and caught several more that we put back. We fished with walleye harness with night crawler and caught a few on flicker shad. It was are best day fishing Indian Lake in the past 2 years. The water condition was still good when we headed home around 2:00 pm.
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    we fished Monday and Tuesday, limited out on eyes both days, we got them on slim's bait Joshies, white ice fluke minnows, jigging raps, vibes, casting harnesses, and trolling flickershads. great couple days of fishing. we had to have caught 30 crappie and one huge yellow perch in the mix of things. Seemed like anything we hit the bottom with caught them.
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