Indian Lake 4-6-08

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  1. We finished in the top 20 of the Cast for a Cure tournament by throwing Manns Baby 1- in the newly emerging pads. This is always a hot bait in the early spring. Use a chartruse or some guys even throw chrome if the water is stained. The sun absolutely must be shining if you throw chrome or you wont get bit. All of our fish came from the game reserve area directly behind pony Island. I also caught two flipping a sweet beaver (corndog color) around laydowns. The bite is very quick when the bait hits the water. Be ready. Dont spend alot of time with the bait in the water still. They were hitting it within a few seconds of being in the water. No spinnerbait bites at all. It should be on fire up there in about a week. The warmest water we found was 48.3 degrees.
  2. I didnt make it up on Sunday, but good to hear that I was correct in assuming that next weekend would be better!

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    Orlando Set The Hook!

    What was the winning weight ?
  4. The winning weight was 10 and some change.
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    Orlando Set The Hook!

    I'm surprised the weight was that low for this time of year. Must have been a real tough day
  6. I got skunked on sunday, I stayed in the channels of the game reserve. Looks like I needed to get up on the flats.
  7. did you do? I fish a lot of tournaments up there more towards the late spring and summer. I'd say it's about time for me to get out with my fishing partner and try out a couple of Achesons. We flip a lot of walls, docks and pads. Nothing like seeing the pads move when you flip that paddle tail in there!
  8. If you guys want to get in a very well run tournament, the cast for a cure circuit is outstanding. This is my first year and I am very impressed. Nice people and professionally run.
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    Casting shallow running cranks can be good this time of year as long as there is some wind. If its dead calm its not very productive, This is a technique I used when I fished tournys 18 years ago before many others were doing it. Now everyone does it and you get alot of boat traffic on those shallow flats it really spooks the fish and turns them off.