Indian Ice, or Deercreek spillway?

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  1. I know the ice is very iffy at Indian, but I feel very confident that If I can get on it in certain places I will do well. I can also catch fish all day under the ice. But its a long lonely drive if you dont find the ice. I could always fish the spillway as a backup plan, but ive dont know the spots that are best.

    I know that I can fish at deercreek, but its slow and crowded. And the bite is realy just early and late most of the time. Shorter drive.

    I cant make a decesion for tomorrow so maybe you guys can give me some imput.
  2. The best that i can do for you is that i was down at IL, Monday, and there was about 12 guys fishing LI, at the first pull-off, ice was very dark in color, which to me it meens getting soft, and that was before we got the snow, which makes it even worse i think. And the forecast for this weekend, is warming temps, and a chance of rain. Dont sound good.
    I believe i would call Mike at the bait shop, to see what he knows.

    P.S. Was by the spillway Monday, but nobody fishing, water was down.


  3. thanks for the info. I think I have a plan. I will let you guys know what happens. I just cant get enough of those toothy saugeye. I think they are by far my favorite to fish for and eat.
  4. Looks like I'll be IL on Saturday, somewhere. I'm calling Mike Friday and try to get an ice report.
  5. I will keep you updated if I go.

    Even though you cant be trusted ;)
  6. Well guys i was at Indian about 5:00 this evening went all around the lake. Was leary of ice condition by it look,but i found 5 guys at Paradise island fishing for eyes. Got to talk with couple and they said 4-5" good ice. I was surprised. So depending on way weather does over there should be some icefishing tomorrow. Did not see any fish caught while i was there. Other areas around lake sure looked thin though. If you go please be careful. Will mention this as well 2 nuts on snowmobiles were all ocer the lake not just main lake saw them over towards dream bridge as well so the real cold night we had might of laid down more ice then we think. Spillway was very low you could fish some holes but not much water and pretty clear water. Hope that helps. :)
  7. Fishslim, wheres Paradise Island? Looking on my map I don't see it.
  8. It is the point or parking lot acrossed from antonios resturant. On road that goes into lakeview ramp follow road towards russells point along south bank will be just before sharp turn can't miss it. Last year about this time saugeyes were loaded on there for about a week and a half,till ice went off then we nailed them casting with vibe's jigs and jerks.
  9. Ok, I know where you are talking about. I was there last year in march, probably the last time you could get on the ice. We did real good on the eyes.
  10. heres my report from today. tried to get on the ice in several spots. You can just about forget it almost everywhere. the shore ice is 1-0 inches well insulated with 1-2 ft snowdrifts. Possibly the ice is a little thicker on out but is impossible to tell. I stepped in up to my knee next to the shore in one spot. No ice under the snow at all.

    moundwood - 1 inch
    blackhawk 1.5 inch
    didnt check LI
    Mikes wasnt even open so that tells you all you need to know.
    the only fishable ice was along the south shore from paradise point west to the lakeview marina. I fished several spots out through there and never marked a single fish. The water clarity is good but I think the fish just flat arent in that part of the lake right now. I was on 3.5 inches of clear ice with about 1.5-2 inches of frozen slush. Near the shore it was very dicey and wet. The water in that area is as clear as indian gets. Even where they were fishing at paradise point there was nobody, which tell me they arent catching anything. If you fished around dark you might pull an eye or too but its pretty much like the dead sea in that area as far as I can tell right now.

    Basically unless you weigh 30 lbs indian is a waste of time from now untill the ice comes off. or the deep snow melts and we get some good cold nights. But for now there is just too much snow, and the water underneath is just too warm.