Indian high water Saugeyes

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  1. Stopped by Indian for awhile and put on 1/8th ounce jig and hot pink tail. Fished windy areas with some current and found a couple. Lost a large sow 8-9 pounder biggest i have had on in awhile but had no net and lost her on shore edge:( But couple cast later got a nice keeper to help my blues about the sow i let go. Ended up catching 3 and snagging a couple before the wind and slush froze me out. Water is flowing in spillway hard and has fish in it. Moundwood was a mess with large piles of debris and pure muddy water. [​IMG]
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    Nice job seem to always eke a few out, regardless of the conditions! Too bad the hog unpinned, but she is still in there for next time!! WTG! What time did you hit those fish?

  3. Nice fish, fishslim. Are you bouncing off the bottom or slow cranking on the retrive?

  4. got them late afternnon was bouncing bottom
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    Very nice!!! Great job on the eyes.
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    Great job Slim! Man, I'm jealous!
  7. nice fish, sorry about the 1 that got away. Started down there today Sat. but i thnik i will wait till Monday, less people.
    Was the water still way up it the parking lot, like it was Thrusday ? should be on the way down.
  8. Water is not in parking lot and slowing down nicely. Fishing next couple days should produce catchable fish if the snaggers let them go:(
  9. Hey fishslim
    THANKS for the reply, did you make it down there today,Sunday ?
    I have plans to get down there either Mon. or Tues. if things work out.
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    next weekend if theres no ice-ill be there!!!
  11. No was by it Saturday. Many vehicles at dam.
  12. Hit IL on Sunday 4:30 pm til 8pm. Fished at the spillway.
    Caught one keeper on 1/8 Green twister. It hit about 3 feet from the shore.
    Snagged a 20+ inch. Tossed it back and this guy just looked at me like "what the heck!"
    My buddy had one nice one on but lost it at the shore.
    Most guys looked like they only had 2-3. Once it was dark, the bite died and everyone left.
    DNR stopped by and checked me and my buddy. They were pretty cool.

    With the cold, does the water at the spill way freeze? Can it be fished if the lake is frozen?
  13. Sounds like winter decided to show up

    we'll be on the ice this weekend probably. extended forecast is calling for a high of -5 with and overnight low of -20 for next wednesday