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  1. Blueboat and I are heading to Indian Sunday morning for the first time this fall. Has anyone been out?(silly question) I did hear from our local bait store that they were really hittin them this week, haven't seen anyone posting much. Just thought I would nose around alittle to see whats-up:)
  2. Talked to a neighbor Sunday they were out trolling on Saturday and got four.
    They were winterizing the boat???? told them nows the best time until it freezes

    Good Luck

  3. Green Boat

    Green Boat Banned

    Hey eyeguy. Went to Indian the last three weekends only fishin at Moundwood...Three week ago several boats limiting out at the bridge at Moundwood using vibe's. Bring a retriever since there is a lot to get hung up on. Two weeks ago again it was slow but producing in the same area. Last week, "nada", zip, zilch. I will be there this weekend probably putting around in my little green boat. Next week its hawgs at Erie!
  4. Thanks Wopper for the info sounds like it's time! You too Greenboat, we will see ya there. Probably will launch @ Moundwood sometime around 6:30-7:00
  5. Eyeguy,
    You are problably on the water now but we went yesterday, trolled & cast all day. Caught two nice bass but no eyes. Saw people jigging the vibe's and casting vibe's but only saw three fish caught all day being eyes. Lot of big blue gill being caught, being FO's. One guy said that he had used 600 wax worms the day before but didn't know how many gills they had caught. After going to places i had never been before on the lake i do now know where to go for some spring crappie though.
    Hope you had good luck today.
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    Just got back from IL after the trip with eyeguy. We were all over the lake and ended up catching 5 keeper eyes and a foot long Perch. A guy gave us one more very nice F.O. Saugeye (Vibe catch) because we jump-started his boat on the water at Moundwood a few hours before. It was his only fish of the day. Of the 5 we caught 4 were on jig/minnow at Moundwood and only one on a Chartreuse Vibe at Dream Bridge. We were also at Oldfield and Blackhawk where there were zillions of fish on the screen that would not bite anything for us. We saw/heard of more keepers here and there including one that was probably 24". We did see that one (Vibe catch) Nobody seemed to be breaking their arms reeling in fish but we both got enough for dinner tonight.

    We're probably good for one more trip this year.

    See you out there.

  7. Congrat's on your catch Blueboat. I fished IL yesterday (Sunday) from 12 noon till 4pm and scored a big goose egg. Zero. Zilch. Tried a little of everything in a wide range of depths. Some real nice marks in the areas you'd expect to see them, just couldn't get em to go. The wind really kicked up around 4:00 and chased me off the lake. Seems I'm always a day late and a dollar short on that IL daytime bite.