Indian Creek Smallmouths

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  1. I've been tearing up the smallmouth at Indian Creek... Been out there the past 3 nighs and plan on going again today.... I've caught at least 30 smallmouth everytime and a lot in the 12-16" range.... I finally started using topwaters in there and have been having a blast watching those big Bass bust the surface! I'll try to figure out how to get some pics on here to show everyone....
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    Are you talking about the one that empties into the OR at Point Pleasant? I haven't fished that for smallies, I've only fished at the mouth of it, but when I've driven up 232 it looks like there are some good smallie stretches in there.

    What kind of topwater baits are you using? I'd have thought the smallie action would be winding down from the spring since the water is so warm, but based on the posts here on OGF, that doesn't seem to be the case! I guess I better get back out there...


  3. I have had some good luck with torpedos and spooks on the creeks. Other than that it is gulp minnows rigged up like a banjo minnow
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    I have been catching the smallies using topwater, tiny torpedos are the best in my opinion. Nothing like catching one on top water!!
  5. OK so everyone knows the creek I am talkin about! Its the Indian Creek that runs from around Acton lake it may even be from there all the way down to the GMR obviously I am nopt gonna tell ya the spots but honestly I have covered at lest 6 miles of the thing in the week startin out in different spots and I have not tied anything on other than a Pop n R and I caught one on a buzzbait right before it got dark screwin around.... So anyone that wants to enjoy some smallmouth fishin I suggest hittin it up right now caus I have been havin a blast!