Indian Creek is Alive!

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  1. Went out on Labor Day and started fishing Indian Creek near Millville about 7am. In about 1.5 hours, I caught 7 fish, 5 different species: 1 smallie, 1 blue gill, 1 creek chub (ugly fish), 2 catfish and 2 rockbass (I think). I posted a pic of one of the rock bass and the smallie. Please confirm for me if that really is a rock bass. One cat had a yellow tint and the other was very pretty with little spots on it - a channel cat? Please don't invade the Indian Creek - I want it all to myself! Seriously, I'm just happy that it has recovered from last year's drought. Happy fishing!


    ps. All fish were caught on nightcrawlers under a Spongebob bobber.

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  2. Sounds like a fun day. The bottom picture looks like a black crappie

  3. Bottom picture is a rock bass, for sure.
  4. Confirmed, that is definitely a rock bass. Good day of creek fishing, and using a spongebob bobber, priceless! Good report, thanks.
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    yep, a rock bass, also called "redeye" or "goggle eye." Your yellow tinted catfish might be a yellow bullhead, or "yellow belly." Cool!