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Off trolling at 5:45 a.m. and pretty much nothing til 7:45.East wind right off the get go.I moved around quite a bit. I have 2 areas that they were hitting in but ended up at last night's spot. My low action port rod got skunked on B02 firecraw,B02 Tennessee shad,B04 chart craw,and molting craw. The starboard side stuck with B04 red craw only. After a few hits,I put red craw on both rods and finally the port rod started contributing. I hit a dink channelcat feeding frenzy after 8 a.m. along with 1 keeper that I tossed back. Only had 3 eyes in the boat when I met up with bigguns and then got #4 which split my thumb open with it's cheekplate. Picked up #5 by 10 a.m. after the eye bite went .10 mile south. Saw BuckIguy out there as well. Lost a couple nice fish. Had a decent one on so going with the wind,I put the kicker in neutral.Next thing I know I'm pulling in the line from the other rod. Fish off! UGGH! Ended up with a slightly over 15" I was wanting to get rid of but ended up with #6 as a 15 1/4". Bit was over by 11 a.m. but so nice out,I stayed til noon. I believe bigguns had 2 and the pleasureboaters ran him and his inline boards off the water.

Tossed back 6 dinks in the 13"-14.999" range,easily lost 3-4 more,2 crappies,and 8+ channelcats.Also tossed back 2 crappie in the 9" range.There are tons of those near 15" eye dinks in there!! Not too bad of action considering the heavy east wind. I was busy from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.Eyes looked more healthier than they've been.


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