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Indian 6/6

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Warpath, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. First time fishing Indian Lake on 6/6. Had a decent day on a slow day it appeared. Fished a club tourney, mainly back in Blackhawk. Wind was fired up and pushing into Blackhawk area. As soon as my partner and I found a pattern, out pops the sun and the pattern changed.

    Caught fish by pitching spinnerbaits onto the breakwalls behind boat docks and nudging it over the wall. Bass seemed to hit it as soon as the blades turned. When the sun came out, pattern changed but we just moved to new docks out of the wind. Apparently we should have skipped under the docks with tubes or something. Thought about it, but didn't and it cost us.

    Any help with Erie later this month greatly appreciated. We launch from either Huron, Vermillion, or by Sandusky Bay.

  2. JBJ


    You could say it was a BIT breezy... We gave the trolling motor a workout!

    Warpath ended up being one of 5 anglers in the tourney that caught keepers. The rest of us had nothing but dinks and off-species catches.

    Keep throwing those crankbaits folks. The majority of the keepers came from good old cranks.

    aka "JBJ"