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Indian 11/12/07

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Gobi Muncher, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Gobi Muncher

    Gobi Muncher mmmm.....tasty!

    :B The day started out kind of nasty with the wind and rain and became nicer throughout the day. Ended up with 2 limits, but took most of the day. Also got this 23" Fish "O". All on vib's. 1 from Dream and the rest from Northfork. All fish stuffed with 4" shad. The Fish "O" even had a 6" sugeye in its belly!!


    Forgot to add that I decided to fish instead of the tree since they were calling for so much rain / wind and when I got home, look across to where my stand is and halfway there..........a nice buck mounting a doe! At least the fish bit a little, that would have just added salt to the wound if they hadn't!!
  2. Sweet! Your report gives me a glimmer of hope. I hate dragging the boat 62 miles only to get skunked. Thanks.

  3. DuV


    Hummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Took 2 limits, in one day how does that work? Isn't that considered POACHING!!! Just wondering. DUV
  4. I would think he wasn't alone.... That could make up for 2 limits.
  5. by saying he caught 2 limits, prolly means he cuaght 12 fish only keeping his limit and C&R the rest for fun. or like Garry said he could of been fishing with another person :cool:
  6. Gobi Muncher

    Gobi Muncher mmmm.....tasty!

    Yes, I had met a friend up there that morning and we were on his boat. So it was 12 fish for two guys and everything was legit. Just trying to give a report in case people were heading up. My buddy was back there Sat. and got 5, back in Northfork.