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    just got back from fishing in mi. terrible drive home. now i'm thinking of heading back wife is so not happy! called bass pro at indain this morning. she said there have been a few guys fishing at moundwood today on 2"...yikes! not for me. i think i might head up in the morning and try to fish long island. probably a little more ice up there. anyone been there and know of the ice conditions?
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    From IL.COM site.

  3. Heard there was 2 '' at Long Island, Thursday with guys on the ice.
  4. We fished Long Island today from 11:00 am till 2:00. We had 3" of ice .Only had 1 small fish and 2 other bites.
  5. im guessing after the deep freeze coming that it should be in the 4 inch range on most areas by friday. And im sure by next weekend the lake will be CROWDED!!!! Be safe, Indian is notorious for having weakspots in areas you wouldn't expect.
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    We are going to meander our way up that way tomorrow to check things out... If its safe we'll fish... if its not i'm coming back home....
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    wish we would have went to Indian.. we had a buddy fish it today and didn't get any fish until 4:30 and they limited out and threw back some . biggest saugeye was 6 lbs! they said it had 3 inches of ice.
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    4:30 am...heading that way. i'll fish till dark if i can find any safe ice. i'll let you know what i find out.
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    Just got off the phone with the Baitshop up there and she told me Moundwood and Long are safe and people are on them - People are heading back to blackhawk NOW, but haven't gotten word yet if its good to fish.

    She said ice is between 3-4" more leaning toward the 3" side of things. I'm packing up now and will be heading up there.
  10. Heading for the lake now hope there's safe ice all we brought was the ice gear.
    I'll post my findings were off the ice. BFD
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    I'm sitting on moundwood right now. about 3 in of ice and over 60 people on the ice with more showing up... not heard of any fish being caught ..

    reporting live from on the ice...

    perchy out
  12. man that lake is always a zoo at first ice. espcially on a weekend.
  13. The real question is " How is the parking?" Looks like I will be heading up during the week.
  14. yeah the access stinks there. If I were a local near a good area, I would charge people to access the lake from my yard, and make good money....
    nahhh what am I saying, I would save the good spot all for my self ;)
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    parking lot was packed.. 1st time I've ever been to moundwood so I can't tell you if there was aot of people there or not compared to normal...

    ran into a guy who I forgot to ask his name.. I'm sure I will run into him at buckeye next week and also saw chop out there..

    heard some rubblings of eyes starting to move in at 545 but no heater or light for shanty.. no bites either...

    flasher showed some life 2 times but no takers...
  16. did u guys have any trouble finding bait we were up there last weekend and couldn't find a minnow anywhere. here around the springfield area no one has a spike, mouse,minnow or wax worm. just wondering if it's a local thing or if it's up at indian lake too.
  17. Fish were there Friday thick. Crazy4Smallmouth and i were sitting in vans watching the destruction there were 10-12 guys on ice all busting fish. We could not handle it any longer i called guy i know on ice and said to drill me a hole. There was 2 1/2" of hard ice. Caught 9 and lost 3 at the hole Jeff got a limit as well on his first ice fishing atempt we was loving it. Locals said fish would be gone fast with all the guys showing up for weekend and sounds pretty much like what happened. Heres pic of my limit all on vibe 3/16th clown.[​IMG]
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    Do you ever not catch fish? I'm gonna have to hook up with you at IL sometime soon and you can show me how its done...

    Good Catch... Was this your 1st time also?
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    The Bass Pro had Crappie minnows only, no bass... I hope HOPE we don't have trouble finding bass minnows this winter.
  20. Was my second time was on ice once late febuary last year got a limit came back next day ice was gone!!:( I had my jerkbait spinning rod only so was standing pretty far away from hole was fun bringing them in on that long rod.;)