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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by harle96, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. harle96

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    Been sort of thinking about upgrading. I have heard from a few that the In-boards in the center of the boat and rudder are sluggish in their steerage ability's

    I see most large sportcrafts and bahas with these. Any advantages or disadvantages?

  2. Inboards are great boats but take a little time to get used to. I operated a single screw Penn Yan inboard for five years and then purchased an I/O which in my opinion turned out to be a mistake, too much maintenance. Single screw Inboards respond well at crising speed and are a bit sluggish at slow speeds. Reverse is another totally different ballgame but manageable.
    Twin screw is truly the Cadillac of inboard power.
    My idea of an ideal power system would be two outboards for reliability and easy maintenance.

  3. harle96

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    Thanks for your input Shortdrift, much appreciated

  4. Workdog

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    I agree with Shortdrift on the twin outboards. Redundancy is nice, and throttle response is outstanding. Routine maintenance is twice as expensive, but worth the price IMHO. I've got a Grady with twin Merc 150 EFIs by the way. My brother and dad had a PennYan single screw 27 footer. Maneuverability around the docks was a pain in the you know what. The low speed maneuverability just stunk, especially when there is a wind to pull your nose around. If you are very shallow, you can't just trim up with an inboard. Personally, I would not own a single srew inboard unless it had a bow thruster... hope I don't offend anybody, but this is just me.
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    We had two lymans. 25' single screw, 28' twin screw. The twins is the cats a$$!!! Nothing better for lake Erie imo. The single is a bit awkward at docking speed but nothing you can"t get used to. It's not that difficult. As for performance out on the lake, the 25'er pound for pound was the best boat I have ever been on, and the inboard motor had a lot to do with it, along with Lyman's sweet hull design. I wish I could find a true inboard that I could afford now.
  6. i dont think i'd have a boat unless it had 4 stroke outboards or Etec. Mostly because I can fish earlier and longer and wouldn't have to worry about winterizing. Only downside i can see is maintenance. I can sorta find my way around an inboard or I/O engine but an outboard, i'm totally lossed (except changing the oil on my 4 stroke). Few economy is probably better too.

    my 2 cents :)