In The River In 4 Weeks?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by crittergitter, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Anyone figure we'll be wading the river in 4 weeks? I might target the 20-27th for an early trip up. We'll have to see what the weather and conditions present between now and then. I'll make a mid-week trip up during the peak as well.
  2. My logs go back about 6 years, and each of them have entries that say...

    "zero fish prior to March 25th"

    Not that I didn't fish...or snag a carp or two...but Mr. Warreye doesn't usually show up until the end of the month.

    I did catch a limit on my birthday in 1998...March 6th...but that was a weird year...

  3. thats funny BFG all logs say the same thing. first one walleye the last couple years wasn't till the 25th lol
  4. Without a doubt the desire to drum up business will invoke a post or pic of a resident warreye caught out of the river by the end of this month.

    Happens every year. We should have a contest to guess the date....
  5. or a picture from last year hahaha
    Im guessing march 2nd
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    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Thanks guys. I'll keep that in mind and watch the conditions closely once we get into March. I am soooooooooo done with February. lol
  7. i might go get my line wet a little bit at the end of this month but thats just cause i like 5 mins away from my favorite high water spot and i usually have nothing better to do.
  8. Well, shoot,
    Before I opened this thread I thought I was the only one with spring fever.....
  9. I know a few years ago 3 of us were fishing Buttonwood on Feb 28th in T-shirts. 65 degrees that day. I left empty handed but seen 3 fish carried out when I got there. IIRC, it was aweek or so later that we were into a few fish.
  10. I remember that stretch...and that was the year that I caught my limit on March 6th.

    Water was at 581 or something...we crossed to Blue Grass...
  11. I was going to start a post asking whether anyone has had any luck in March. I guess that isn't necessary now. I have the cabin fever as well and was hoping to find an excuse to hit the river a little early this year......
  12. Ft Meigs today,Jerome Rd,Sidecut

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  13. Hey thanks Roger for the pics. I was wondering if it made it past the rd next to sidecut, looks like it got pretty close. Man its going going to be a while, can't wait till spring. FFBG
  14. there are some more in my photos took 102 today
  15. hopfully it goes down before we start getting back to winter weather. and cold temps.
  16. You say it was in 1998? Damn I getting old:p
  17. Yep..I think that was the year. I was still at BG.
  18. I was a freshman in high school lol!
  19. So what are you saying...I'm old???????? :D
  20. Chuck Norris cancelled the run for this year. Sorry guys:p