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in need of some help

Discussion in 'Bass Discussions' started by bengalsfan09, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. hey guys! i am going to be going down to missouri and fishing all lake on a private farm pond full of channels, huge bluegilss, and big bass. ive been able to pull out big channels and gills but cant get a big bass out of there! there is a tree stump structure but other than that there is not much cover except for some weeds. i was wondering what you all thought about time of day, lure selection, lure color, and any other pointers you could give me on how to get a big bass out there. any help would be appreciated. thank you!
  2. id say morning. sunrise,,, yull see em splashing then you will know where to throw, and pumkin seed bait are great on a weedless hook, i throw a lil shine on there to just to wake em up.that works for me here in ohio !!! good luck too ya though!

  3. if there isnt much structure try to make your casts far from the bank they will see u before u see them, the private club i belong too is like this with little structure but is very clear with some moss and underwater plant life and i always do good using all white lures or white/chartruese with some gold accents. if there busting the top use top water baits. plus night time top water is always fun hard to do but fun u could always try night fishing for them.
  4. I love night time topwater fishing. Throw a Hula Popper over a shallow area and listen for the huge splash in between your jerks and hold on!

    Chances are a lot of bluegills with little cover means the bass have plenty of food. Try eliciting a reaction strike and a fast moving flashy lure or a jig during the day. In the mornings try topwaters, or even senkos/creatures.
  5. thanks for the advice! i will give everything a try because i have the whole week just to fish. when i get back i will let you know how it goes.
  6. well i got back today and caught fish on just about everything, but the lure that caught the most was a pumpinseed 7 inch powerbait worm.
  7. maybe next time try catching some 4-5 inch gills and floating them around for the bigger bass.if that is their primary forage that will be the way to catch them.