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  1. I Have A Chance To Buy An 1984 21 Ft Aluminum Starcraft Islader With An Inboard V8. Comes With Downriggers, Poles, Lures, Fishfinder,gps For $ 3ooo.oo. But The Guy Had Rivet Problems And Leaks, He Sasys Theyre Fixed And I Never Had An Inboard, They Seem Like A Maintenance Shedule From Hell. Any Opinions Would Greatly B Appreciated.
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    sounds like you have close to 3k in gear/ consider it given the condition of the gear. I would also take it out for a test run and make sure it is water-tight and sea- worthy.

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    i would make sure you have no leaks from those rivets.TEST RIDE.TEST RIDE
  4. Like freyedknot said, put that thing on the water before you even consider it. If he won't allow a test drive, there's probably a good reason. If it's water tight, it may be a good buy as there are lots of extras included and that really adds up.
    The I/O's aren't a maintenance nightmare at all ; you basically take care of it like a car engine & they're way easier to work on than an outboard. There are lots of those Islanders out there still running, must be a pretty decent boat.
    Keep us posted & good luck,