In-line fuse vs Ckt Breaker

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  1. I'm installing a trolling motor on my 14' semi-v. Minn Kota recommends a 40a
    fuse in-line in the hot lead. I've been to numerous auto parts stores and have been able to find nothing larger than a fuse holder rated for no higher than 30 amp. I located a 40 amp, auto reset circuit breaker and was wondering if I could use this instead. I guess being an auto reset, it resets when the breaker cools. Does anyone have any experience with these types
    of breakers? Is there a downside to using this as opposed to a fuse?
  2. I got mine inline at autozone, but a breaker would do the same job. witch ever you get put it close to the batt

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    Bass Pro has them for about $30. My MK recommended a 50 breaker for installation but it's a 24 volt unit. A fuse would certainly be a hassle if it popped on the water and you had to gain access under a deck or hatch the replace it. The only time I'd ever see need for the breaker is if the prop is somehow stopped from turning and then the breaker pops to prevent overheating in the L/U. Of course a dead short is going to cause issues as well but they seem to be fairly rare.

    Try a fusible link instead of a fuse if you want to do it that way. A 40 amp fusible link should be easy to find at NAPA or the like. Of course that would stink even more trying to replace that on the water...