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IMportant: Ohio State fishing club

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishmason, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. First of all i thank anyone for reading this. I figured this was the best to place to start.

    Secondly I am searching for current OSU students who would be intersted in forming a fishing club. So anyone viewing this if you or your sons/daughters are interested please let me know.

    The purpose of this club is not only to enjoy the sport of fishing, but to expand the knowledge of current fishermen/women, and to increase the amount of fisherman in the ohio area. I also would like to form a schedule of events for the club including lake cleanups, fishing trips, tournaments, and my overall dream to participate in the annual (new) Big Ten Bass tournament. This was brought to my attention in the new Bass Times December issue. Apparently OSU is one of only 3 Big Ten schools that does not participate.

    For anymore information please reply here, PM me fore private infor or feel free to email me at OSU..... PM me for that email.

    THank you. if anyone notices any mistakes in this topic please let me know. I wrote this in a rush.
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Great idea. Hope you can get it off the ground!

  3. JBJ


    Best of luck to you in getting this going. It should be a very worthwhile endeavor. I look forward to seeing this new club represented at the region 1 Federation meeting. (seeing as you mentioned "Bass Times")
  4. You might have already done this but you might want to post around campus and see if anyone is interested. There might be a lot of "closet" fishermen up there that don't access this site. If they don't then they don't know what their missing. Good luck. I didn't even know that the Big 10 was involved with this. I thought they were only involved with football.
  5. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I'm in! Sounds good to me
  6. BassNpro.... i thought u were from OSU. IT would be nice if we could find a couple more people to help us get theword out.
  7. If there is scholarship oppertunities I would sign up. I don't go to OSU. :(
  8. I used to be a club manager for the Kent State University Lacrosse team. I played for 4 years in college and managed one year before becoming a referee. I have refereed for 9 years now, and sadly, last year will be my last. Too much fishing to be done.... :D :D :D !

    But anyway, Go to the the Department of Intramural Sports, usually a branch of the Recreations Department. Not only would you get in contact with someone who would be considered your club coordinator, but they can help you with finances, fund-raising, and recruiting new members. I know KSU used to give out a survey to its new incoming freshmen each year, and we generally got 30-40 names off the list of new students would were just looking for something to join. Would imagine, OSU does the same.

    Plus, since you will be competing against other universities, you will be held to some high standards. Things you wouldn't believe. Like, if you and a certain number of the club members show up at any place, Galyan's or a becomes a club function, and you will be expected to act accordingly. I only know this because A) the KSU Rugby team got sued oh 15 years ago for a fight, and since a majority of their team was there, the university got sued too; and B) we nearly got kicked off campus because one of our teammates got busted selling 1300 hits of acid to undercover agents. Only after much convincing that I had no knowledge of this, did they not pursue kicking us off-campus. It can get wild. So my advice, be prepared, and make great contacts with the intramurals dept. It will become invaluable to you.

  9. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    Wouldn't mind having a club at all...I still haven't fished with anyone from this site and I've been dying to...especially with all this talk of saugeye...anyone wanna go Saturday!?!?!? This is my last year at OSU, but if it(fishing club) was together by spring, I'd be there in a heartbeat...let me know...feel free to pm me as well if you need my school email.