IMPORTANT NEW clean boat act info, please act.

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    Mods, please sticky this.

    This is a New Bill re-worded, AND also to exempt CHARTER BOATS, CAPTAINS GET ON THIS.

    What are the differences in the bills?

    Both HR 2550 and S. 2067 articulate the definition of a recreational boat and then exempt recreational boats from the permit requirement of the Clean Water Act.

    The new bill, S. 2766, includes all that language, with two additions. Charter boats are exempted from the permit and there is a three year, three part framework to determine if any management practices should be required.

    This is a letter I received from BoatUS and I put a link at the bottom for the questions.

    March 19, 2008

    Dear BoatUS Member,

    We need your help now to pass NEW federal legislation in the Senate that would provide a permanent exemption for recreational boats from the upcoming EPA discharge permit requirement. Remember that if we don't get legislation passed, we all need to get EPA permits to operate our boats effective 9/30/08!

    We appreciate the time that many of you have already taken to let your Senators or Representatives know your support of S. 2067 or HR 2550 "The Recreational Boating Act of 2007." Now there is a new Senate Bill #2766 "The Clean Boating Act of 2008", which is more politically viable, and our best chance to eliminate the permit requirement before it comes in effect on September 30, 2008.

    Please pick up the phone or email today and ask your Senators to sponsor and vote YES for S 2766. Although Congress is on recess this week and next, we need their staff to hear from us so that this bill can move as soon as the Senators are back in Washington.

    Remember to contact both of your Senators:
    (Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia)

    State Phone Email
    Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) (202) 224-3521 Visit
    Senator Johnny Isakson (R) (202) 224-3643 Visit
    Senator Ben Cardin (D) (202) 224-4524 Visit
    Senator Barbara Mikulksi (D) (202) 224-4654 Visit
    Senator George Voinovich (R) (202) 224-3353 Visit
    Senator Sherrod Brown (D) (202) 224-2315 Visit

    Senator Lamar Alexander (R) (202) 224-4944 Visit
    Senator Bob Corker (R) (202) 224-3344 Visit
    Senator John Warner (R) (202) 224-2023 Visit
    Senator Jim Webb (D) (202) 224-4024 Visit

    Your Senator that is in bold print is especially important to contact because they are a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

    For more information:
    What's the timing?
    Why a new bill?
    What are the differences in the bills?
    What does S 2766 include?
    View a copy of the bill
    Speaking points
    To contact your Senators electronically

    Thanks for your ongoing help with this issue.

    Margaret Podlich
    Vice President, Government Affairs
    703-461-2878 x8355
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    What people need to understand is that if the new version of the bill is not passed ALL BOATERS will have to buy an EPA permit that could cost $800.00 or more. The EPA does not have a choice. As the law is written right now they MUST create a permitting system for ALL boats by September of this year. Obviously this will cripple the boating industry as well as recreation. Time is running out!

    Watch the video:

    Contact your members of congress:

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    Thank God,
    When I read the post headline. I thought I was going to have to actually clean my boat out! Hippie! I don't have too...
  4. I read D'arcy Eagan's article this morning and followed it to the following website that makes it really easy to login and send an (albeit) form letter to your local representatives automatically. I added a few personal comments to my letter to underscore my support for Great Lakes water quality while not penalizing us boaters. Please do the same.

    It takes probably less than 5 minutes to login and make your voices heard.
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    I can't believe that we are not getting a good response on this. This same post on WC has drawn many replies/letters and it keeps growing. I know you guys don't want to have to pay another 800.00 yr to use your boat.
  6. Wasn't painful at all. Sent email and good old snail mail. Time to make our voices heard before it is too late.
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    Let’s hope the majority of people that read this and didn’t respond to the thread went directly to the web site and shot off the email to both Senators. For those that don’t own a boat but fish off a buddy’s boat, charter, ski or may be owners in the future please go to the site and send off an e-mail. It takes maybe 5 minutes and there is a prewritten letter to send or the option to write your own.
  8. That is what I did.

    This is important and all sportsmen and women should respond whether you have a boat or not.
  9. That is exactly what I did also. Sorry to make you nervous FOM I should have posted that I had done it.

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    Emails sent also. Along with a short, respectful opinion!
  11. Me just thinking here. Emails are OK but can easily be ignored. Good old fashioned snail (paper) mail will pile up somewhere and , at least I think, might be more effective. As I mentioned earlier I sent both. Try to do what you think wil have an impact. (keep it legal)
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    I took action!!!! Has it came down totally losing all comon sense?
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    I did my part - God knows I don't need to spend another $800 on the boat next year. :rolleyes:
  14. I got on Big Walleyes link he provided and recieved a response today.

    Thank you for writing me regarding the recent exemption made to an EPA regulation on the Clean Water Act regarding recreational boating

    The Clean Water Act was originally enacted in 1948, but was significantly revised in 1972. Part of the bill, which set out to improve water quality, required permits for ships known for heavy polluting, such as cruise ships, container ships, and supertankers. While the legislation affected all aquatic vessels, the EPA exempted small recreational boats. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals recently determined that the EPA was acting beyond its scope with the exemption, and required the creation of a new permit system by September 2008.

    We should be proud of the abundance of outdoor and recreational activities Ohio has to offer. Our state is home to the country’s eighth largest group of registered watercraft users, and the boating industry contributes $5.4 million in watercraft registration fees, $15.6 million in marine fuel taxes annually, and has an estimated overall impact of $2 billion dollars a year on Ohio's economy. Implementation of a new permit system has the potential to deter prospective recreational boat buyers and could also be harmful to the industry not only in Ohio, but across the United States as well.

    I will continue to monitor this issue in the months ahead and will keep your thoughts in mind as legislation regarding this issue moves before the Senate.

    Sherrod Brown
  15. Man, They just won't quit. I honestly believe that every boat owner does his or her best to keep the environment pure as possible ( with a few exceptions of the slobs ). There's not gonna be any boating if they keep it up especially with the price of fuel. Fuel+ permits= TOO MUCH. No money left for bait !
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    e-mailed this needs addressed
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    I did get a supportive reponse from one representative as copied earlier in the thread (Sherrod Brown) and two automated e-mail responses ... So I will be sending followup's asking for a specific response from them as well as phone calls to their staff.