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    FYI - I recieved an email from a friend stating :

    Rob Tickle from the Columbus Permits Department called me this evening. They are having a meeting at Whetstone Park on Wednesday, August 29 at 6:00 p.m. to have an open forum on wakeboarders at Griggs and O'Shaughnessy. The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to voice their opinion on wakeboarders. In talking to Rob, I found out that the residents along Griggs also despise the wakeboarders because of dock damage, so it should be a pretty interesting meeting.

    Rob wanted to try to get as many fishermen there as possible to voice their opinions on the subject, so I'm passing this meeting notice on to you. Please do what you can to get this notice out to all Region 1 clubs. Hopefully we can get the support needed to ban wakeboarders on the river.
  2. Ban wakeboarders?
    If anything they should limit the amount of boats aloud on griggs or any of the resoviors. What about skiers? or knee boarders? skurfers? griggs and O'Shaughnessy are probably the best public waters in the columbus area to wakeboard. I do like to fish but i wakeboard aswell and if it wasnt for the calm water of griggs and O'Shaughnessy there would barely be and good water in central ohio and i know there are better places to fish then griggs but not many better places to wakeboard
    Spending time wakeboard at griggs and O'Shaughnessy i know that there are some boneheads out there who wakeboard, they think they own the water, personally i believe that these few people are what is making people angry, a select few not all.
    How would you feel if someone kicked you out of your best fishing hole becuase " you were doing damage"
    I also know that in the past few years wakeboarding has grown here in columbus and it will be very hard to try and kick them out of griggs.

    Do fisherman really have that big of problems with wakeboarders? i would like to here ogf members opinions

  3. Phil Carver

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    Hello mmmcarl . Welcome to OGF :) You see it how alot of people will . I agree to the fact that there are way to many boats in general on Griggs sometimes . The biggest problem is tha fact that peoples property is getting destroyed from the wakes put off from this group of boaters . Property owners are constanly having to replace their docks as well as sea walls due to this problem . The river is just to narrow for the wakes to calm down before reaching the shore line . 90% of the time it seems that people are wakeboarding within 50-70' from the shore . I will have to admit that I personally do not wakeboard but I do not discriminate those who do either . I understand why people like to Wakeboard at Griggs as well but what is wrong with the larger lakes in the area such as Alum Creek or Delaware . You hardly ever see anyone wakeboarding at these places .

    This year has been to worst as far as boat traffic is concerned on Griggs . One evening while I was there I counted 41 different boats between the bridges either sking or wakeboarding . Everyone was just following close to each other going up and down the river . I see potential dangers there as well due to the fact that many of the people opperating the boats will not be able to hear their spotter due to their sound systems . :(

    I believe there is a way to make most people happy witout banning any type of activity from these bodies of water but some changes need to be made soon .
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    I don't have a cure for this, but when I owned a little alum. bass boat, I tried fishing griggs, and after one trip never went back because its too narrow to disperse traffic and waves, and too many times I had the trolling motor down, within 20 feet of shore and some fool wake boarding or skiing would pass within 30 feet of me or closer, making me dive to the bottom of the boat to avoid getting thrown. Alum is the worst of all, I never went south of 36/37. Whats the fix? Griggs is different because of its layout, if you ban wake boarders, I would think you would have to ban skiers too, or just have an area(I think they do already) for them, I think thats fair. Got to be careful also, next they will want to ban bass boats and fishermen who throw lures at their docks, I know I can't cast too well,lol.
  5. Wakeboard boats are specifically designed to create the largest wake possible...with so many of these boats on such a small body of water the wave action becomes non-stop. This causes damage to docks, bulkheads and excess erosion from the also makes it nearly impossible to fish during the busier times. I don't know that they should be banned but perhaps restricted to operating during specific hours or limit the total number of boats allowed on such a small body of water at the same time.
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    They have to limit the number of boats. That body of water is too narrow to have that many boats running. I am surprised that I haven't heard of any accidents since these boats just follow one another. Even considerant wakeboarders and skiers are a problem since there is simply nowhere to get away from everybody.

    As far as fishing, it can be like Erie. At times my trolling motor is coming out of the water and waves are coming over and into my boat. I have no idea how to make everyone happy though.
  7. thank you for welcoming me to ogf i have only been a member for a few days and everyone has answered my threads and has been a great help already. i aggree that ther eis a huge problem at griggs just a few years ago there were half as many boats and lots of room on griggs and oshaunassy to wakeboard and ski freely. no that there is so much traffic i agree that somthing needs to be done.

    The reason wakeboarders dont ski at bigger lakes like alum or buck or deer is becuase the water quality is horrible. just like in fishing water conditions affect the way you catch fish. In wakeboarding the calmer the water the beter it is to wakeboard. griggs and oshaunassy most of the time are the calmest water around. And yes it is very dangerous to wakeboard when there is so much traffic. i have wakeboarded there and had boats follow us from bridge to bridge if you fall it doesnt give the boat following a lot of time to react.

    AS for the damage i know many of the boats that wakeboard live on the water i see numerous boats docked at private lots every time i go to griggs. Also with the water being so low i am suprised people are getting so close to shore.
    I dont know what the answer is but i definatly think it is not far to ban wakeboarding or skiing all together.:eek:
  8. The biggest problem I see in banning someone from any body of water due to damage from wakes you would have to limit the size of the boats and the horsepower they can have or make the entire area a no wake zone. It would not be fair to say no wakeboarding because they have (can have and usually do have) the largest wakes because boat pulling a skier can produce a large wake just like a bass boat can produce a large wake. That being said I have been buzzed plenty of times at Griggs by the wakeboarders and skiers. I dont enjoy it and sometimes grumble under my breath but I have also be nearly run over by other guys in fishing boats too. I dont want to lose Griggs as a place I can boat since it is the closest to my house and if the wakeboarders have to go its only fair I should be banned to since my boat makes a wake and there are times I actually enjoy just running up that glassy water at Griggs wide open playing with the trim and the tabs seeing how fast I can go.
    Fair is fair if the problem is wakes then Griggs should be a 9.9 no wake zone Lake which doesnt sound like fun to me. Brian
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    If they ever build those manmade lakes (earthen?) up north (Deleware erea) that they have talked about over the last 10 or 15 years , for water supply, they could thin them out a little. They would be good for water sports (encourageing them) and not so good for fishermen (no structure = discouraging). I think about ten 5000 acre ones should do it!:)
  10. all the lakes in columbus are too heavily populated with boaters, not just griggs, although i found it interesting because i didnt know that those boats caused more wake. i myself only take my jon out to alum, delaware, oshay, or griggs early in the am or at night, to avoid all waves from all the boats on all these lakes! quick fix, fish early! :)
  11. StuckAtHome

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    The upland water supply "ponds" you are referring to for Columbus water, will not allow ANY boats, or fishing on them, they will have liners to prevent leaks and anything bad getting in. It would have been nice if there was a way to allow it, but there is not.
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    Quote from mmmcarl
    The reason wakeboarders dont ski at bigger lakes like alum or buck or deer is becuase the water quality is horrible. just like in fishing water conditions affect the way you catch fish. In wakeboarding the calmer the water the beter it is to wakeboard. griggs and oshaunassy most of the time are the calmest water around.

    You avoid larger lakes because the water is too choppy/rough,so you go to a calm body of water generate a 2' wake,with total disrespect to home owners property,the bank erosion and the safety of other boaters for yourself gratification.If you went to the larger lakes that already had the 2' wake for you it would be better wakeboard conditions.Try lake Erie for some ''wake'' I hear they got some good wake up there,dude think of all that air you could grab up there.

    Griggs and O'Shay are no place for out of control conditions such as tubing,jetski's and wakeboarding.They are way to small and narrow (less than 1000 acres).And I do agree they are both way over crowded and the speed limit should be reduced and strictly enforced!!
  13. StuckAtHome

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    I was thinking the same thing, you go there to get calmer water, what about the fishermen and other boaters looking for the same? I don't know a fair settlement but only way to protect from large wakes is either a no wake zone or a HP restriction or electric motors only. But if you look at the majority of people using the water they have motors bigger than 10HP and a ban would clear most of the people out who use it now, tough call. Make it a KAYAK ZONE!!!!!!
  14. Orlando

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    Make it idle speed only no HP restriction
  15. I would have to say dont live on the water if you are worried about erosion or dont put a dont put a dock in if you dont want the wake to hurt them. I mean who are we to say they cant use it and we all are. That is the problem with everything anymore. Someone doesnt like something so they ruin it for everyone. Quit whinning and let them people have fun. Shoot we cant smoke anymore in bars, and soon stip clubs wont be worth going to because a few people decided they didnt like them so now no one can.
  16. Orlando

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    Timmypage16, you as a boater are responsible for any damage done to docks etc from your wake. They outlawed jetskis there, I suppose because it was to crowded and unsafe?
  17. Ya but my point is that if i bought a piece of land behind a shooting range and built a house there i would expect my house to get shot, and everyone would laugh if i tried to shut down the shooting range. So if you live on the water you should expect damage done by wake to what ever is in or near the water. And by the way i am not a wake boarder i am a fisherman that has no feeling for wake boarding. It just really bothers me when people think that what they want/believe is more important then others rights.
  18. Say what? That's the biggest line of horsepooey I've seen on here in a while.
    I don't jet ski, wake board, water ski....I don't even own a motor larger than a 9.9. But I respect the fact that others also like to enjoy the water and sometimes in ways different that mine.

    If the home owners are in such a ruckess, maybe they should look inward. I'm on or around the Scioto almost every day, and the guys I see wake boarding there also LIVE on the river and have their own dock.

    If they REALLY want to reduce the wake then its quite easy...make it a no wake zone. Simple as that.

    Now you guys go tell all those people who spent over 1 million $$ to live on the Scioto and another 50K on their dock, and another 50K on their boat...that they'll not be able to use their boats anymore.....aint gonna happen. Wy do you think there are docks on the Scioto to begin with? Probably because those people have boats. And if anyone really thinks that 10 boats all wake boarding is going to make significantly more wake than 10 boats water skiing, I suggest that you are kidding yourselves.

    Just a bunch of rich dudes trying to keep everyone else out of their pool.
    Quite honestly, I'm surprised to see they have so many supporters on here.
  19. I can see both sides on this one but a ban on ski boats and wake-board boats seems harsh. I fish the shore at Griggs a lot and to tell ya the truth the fish respond to the wake washing in worms and insects I've noticed. They'll hit on the third wave usually; I think the wildlife is adapting and so should we. I personally have screamed every obscenity in the book at wake boarders that have been too close to shore and washed out my spot but but that's all part of the challenge of this G.D D...B city fishing.
  20. Like I said....I think the easiest and best option for all involved would be hour restrictions. Most of the good fishing is from sunup til 9am and then from 7pm to dark during the summer. Most of the wakeboard/skiing is done during the heat of the day. I would gladly give 9am-6pm to the wakeboarders if I were guaranteed 2 good, watersport-free hours of fishing in the morning and 2 in the evening.