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  1. How often should one replace an impeller on an out board motor? My brother said he read some where that it should be done once a year.
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    I know guys that have gone many many years and not replaced the impellar. It is recommended once a year, which I rty to do sometimes I will let it go 2 years. Even if motor is not run the rubber impellar will get a set in it and not function as well as it should.
    I bought a outboard many years ago and the previous owner didnt change it as he should. The first year I had it the impellar fell apart from dry rot. Tiny pieces of rubber went through the water jacket clogging it. Was a real mess to get cleaned out.
    Once a year impellar change is very cheap insurance comapred to a power head

  3. thanks, i better put that on my list of to due' keeps getting longer.
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    if you run in shallow water then every year or 2 will do. i changed mine last summer and it had 7 years on it and still looked very good, but i run mostly in deep water.(erie)
  5. What impellar are we discussing? Is it the small one on the transducer? I haven't replaced anything in 4 years except the oil & trailer tires.
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    Its the rubber impellar inside the lower unit. Its your water pump which is a rubber impellar inside a housing
  7. I was just working on a motor from 1956 When we took the lower unit off the impellar looked like it was just put it. This motor only had a few weeks of use for a trip in canada.
    I was told it should be pretty good upto 10-15 years, just as long as you dont let it sit still for to long or else the impellar would develop memory.
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    As I said before I try to change mine yearly. Ever Impellar I have changed has taken a set in that amount of time
    Its kindas like changing the oil in your truck. I'm sure you could go years without changing it, just add when needed but we dont do that do we?
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    The manual for my 90 hp merc says to change every three years.
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    Owners manual for my 125 Merc recommends every 3 years or 300 hours, whichever comes first.
  11. I put a new impeller in when I buy a used motor. Then usually every four years. The main thing is dont start motor out of water ! I dont even turn the motor over dry. It s even a good idea to keep the lower unit out of the summers sun .If the boat is garaged so much the better.
  12. not to drag this thread back up, but can i just replace the impeller itself, pop out put in,or do you replace the whole thing with the kit? housing,gaskets etc......?
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    Yes it is possible to just relae the impellar but its better to get the kit and replace it all at once. The parts arent that expensive