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  1. A friend of mine has an older model SEA KING, made for Montgomery Wards. He tried to get an impeller for it and our local motor man say's he can't find one. Anyone with a good motor contact for the older stuff, give me a shout if possible. Not sure of the year. Motor is as follows; 9 HP, Montgomery Wards, Sea King, Made by Clinton Engines.

    Model # K9005106 B
    Ser. # 1421148
    Type; XTV52309 B
    Motor has F-N-R gears. Starts like a champ just doesn't pump water out the weep hole.Had in a barrel to test. Didn't want to run long without water pumping thru it. Have checked hole with wire and it seems clear. Any help would be appreciated. Mike

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    There is a guy at Indian Lake that specializes in repairing old motors, If you can't find what you need let me know and I'll pass on his info
  3. If all else fails, you can try Maston's Marine in Massillon, OH. With model and serial number he can usually find what you need. I had a 1970 Sea King 35hp and always got my parts from him.
  4. I will give em a try. Is the guy around Indian lake the same guy at the bait shop that repairs reels also ? If not, see if you can get me some info. Thanks again, Mike
  5. Let us know what you find cause I have the Montg Ward 7.5 sea king (70) with the same issue.