I'm taking a much needed BREAK.

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  1. All you guys who seem to dislike me so much can breathe a sigh of relief. I am officially taking a one month break from posting on the OGF. I love this website. Generally it’s a great site to share your success or failures on the public water ways of Ohio. From lure information, to particular fishing holes, the OGF always delivers. One aspect of the site the OGF can’t help is its members and the things they type. I in no way fault the OGF for its members.

    I am constantly being the butt of everyone’s joke. I’ve seen post in other sections of the site poking fun at myself or the fish I catch. I can’t even make it one day without seeing a negative post/pm about me. I can take a joke, and I can take the hate. After a while though, you have to evaluate your own decision to add to this website.


    Not to mention a user used my girlfriend’s picture as his avatar on here. I don’t know of many members that would stick around after getting all this hate, and disrespect purely based on difference of opinions. Would YOU????

    The only thing that keeps me a member and continuing to post is the positive PM’s I get from members that I helped. Nothing feels better than helping out a fisherman, and seeing his/her results posting on this site, or a pm the next day thanking me. That makes me feel great. Helping others is what it’s all about. I LOVE HELPING OTHERS GET ON FISH. That’s what it’s all about, FISHING, catching FISH, and helping out anyone who asks.

    Thanks for the great times OGF,

    PS. ironically it's always generally 3 posters on here spreading the majority of the hate. The mods know which ones, but NOTHING has been done about those USERS. They really are ruining this website for many users, not just myself.
  2. pizza


    how's your vacation going?

    can you please post some pics from it?

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