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  1. Hello everyone! :)
    I've been lurking on this site for a few days now and it seems like a good place to read and share fishing information, so I registered.
    I live in Adams County (Ohio) and fish the local lakes, streams, and farm ponds frequently. I'm 57 years old and self-employed, so I have enough time to keep my 8 year old son entertained with activities like fishing, hunting, and camping.
    I have been fishing since I was old enough to hold a pole (over 50 years now) and I enjoy about every method of fishing that is commonly practiced here in Ohio, (spincast, baitcast, spinning, fly, even bowfishing!)
    but my most frequently used methods are spinning and fly fishing these days.
    I hope to pass on my love of the outdoors to my son, and with fishing I can enjoy practicing the sport while teaching him the fundamentals by letting him fish, too!
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    Welcome aboard. Good to have you and enjoy the resources!!

    Gosh, I love this place!!!
  4. welcome.........hope you find this site as helpful as i did......tite lines
  5. Thanks for all the welcomes!
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