I'm new and want to try!

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  1. I would ike to try fly fishing with a member that goes for trout here in Ohio up north. I live in Trumbull County. If you want me to pick you up, I have no problem. I'd like to make a day of it and learn from a fellow member. I have my own rod and line no flies yet.
  2. Are there trout up north?
    I'd take you up on that but I'm in Cuyahoga. PM me if you ever come out this way.

  3. I was hearing grand river. If someone knows of trout streams lemme know.
  4. Grand has smallies & steelhead (Fall, Winter, early Spring), but I have never heard of it as a trout river. If you want trout, PM me, drive down to Canton, & I'll put you onto some decent trout in Wooster, Loudonville, or another town down that way.
  5. I'll try steelhead.
  6. Don't limit yourself to the coldwater species...much to be fished on the fly in warm water.
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    make sure you rod and reel are capable of subduing a steelhead. they get pretty big and a novice may have some trouble with a lighter rod.