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  1. I'm one of the few people I know who would rather spend the day out chasing the gills than the lunker bass. Tonight I got skunked again with a bobber/worm/maggots, but the flyrod saved my night. I managed to catch 3-4 fish in the last 30-40 minutes of daylight. Now I want to learn more about using a flyrod for panfish.

    Does anyone have an hour or two to show me the ropes? I've watched youtube videos and think I have the basics down, but actually being able to spend time at the water with another fly fisher would be a huge benefit for me. I have a book about fly fishing, but it focuses a bit too much about trout.

    I'm in Akron, so going to a local pond / stream in the evening is pretty easy for me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I love it!! I hear a convert!!:)

    I be more than willing but I am kind of to far but I will be up in Lorain/norwalk area for a few days next Sunday. I have more fun playing with gills more than trouts as they are explosives:) but you will catch bass also with the same flies for gils which makes even more enjoyable.
    One thing to keep in mind as most leaders are 9 ft long which is way to long. I normally buy a bass leader and cut it down, I like to make them but I find that knotted sections usually catches on the crap that is in the water. So at moat 6ft. leader is all you need and is a world of difference on casting the flies(especially poppers) also.

  3. Thanks for the offer and advice. Lorain is a bit too far for me. I work 2 jobs so when I ask for an hour or two, that is really all I have. I need to say within about 20 minutes of Akron.

    Catching some Bass on the poppers is also a part of the reason I want to learn. Its always a nice surprise :) I caught a small one last night, and he got my heart going. I'll keep the leader thing in mind.

    Sorry if this seems silly, but When you trim the leader, which end do you trim? The thin end so it makes a stiffer leader, or the thickend so its just shorter?
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    I went out in my yak and got 8 gills on the poppers and 1 bass and gill on a spinning reel. 2 big 9 inchers were fun on the 3wt. I also had to work for them as wind is problem. By throwing the poppers out and let it sit for a bit, if no hits then recast to another spot til you connect. I don't waste to much time stripping as almost all of my takes are within the first 10 feet or less. This makes sense? I also mash the barbs to since these bluegills almost always swallows poppers and is hard to get out. When the spawning is on you can easily catch a 100 gills in a couple hour and the action is very fast and ferious!:) When stop stripping and then roll cast out to another spot if cant make the back cast. With a little practice it is reaLLY EASY. aLSO MAKE SURE THERE IS NO SLACK IN THE LINE BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR ROLL CAST.
  5. thanks FD. I'll keep the stripping/roll cast post in mind. keep that in mind.

    I had some trouble tonight with the gills, they were hitting but I couldn't get the hook set. I believe I was using a size 10 foam spider. they just wouldn't take it, they would bump it, smack it, but not take it. The gills were fairly small, i guess I'll try a smaller fly.

    i went to the Akron Library and got a dvd on fly fishing, give me somethign to watch in the next couple days.

    I'm just trying to get ready for the real action :)
  6. Mike,
    Where are you located? I am in Canton & would be glad to "attempt" to help you...I say "attempt" because I am no expert, but I do well for gills. I can fix you up with some very productive flies too. Only problem is that this month (April) is pretty much shot for me. Finishing up a move, fly fishing from the 18th to the 22nd in Virginia, & taking a visiting friend from Kansas out gilling at the end of the month. I DO NOT fish my ponds during the bass spawn. Just my personal thing...I will not fish bass beds & the best way I know to leave them alone is to stay away from the ponds from the start of May until about the 3rd week in May. It really looks like it will be late May, but if you can wait until then, I'll be happy too take you out.
    I know about the "2 job" thing....did it for almost 30 years! It really does limit your time.
    Keep in touch.
  7. Mike, saw you were in Akron and wanted to suggest you try Indigo Lake in the Cuyahoga Valley NP. It's loaded with gills & bass but the best part is it's spring fed and the water is ultra clear so you can use small dry flies. The fish can spot a size 18 dry fly from 8 feet down. Size 10 hooks are pretty big for blue gill mouths but better suited for bass. I've never had much luck with panfish poppers or spiders myself. The one drawback to this place is the wind, when its blowing the water gets choppy and its hard to get away from.
    When I first gave fly fishing a shot, this is where I first came. I bought an assortment of dry flies of different colors and tried them all until the bluegills started smacking em. BTW I don't think you can wade here but there is plenty of room for backcasting on 2 sides of the lake, just keep an eye out for people around you.
    I hope this helps -mick
  8. MickFly, its funny you mention Indigo lake. I was there today!

    I work in fairlawn about 15 minutes from there and drove over there at lunch. I managed to pull in 4 gills in about 10 minutes before I had to leave. I plan to go back more often during lunch 1-2x a week as time allows.

    I've been driving around the valley looking for places to fish. Most of the hoga is too fast for me to play with right now. I saw indigo on google earth and drove up there.

    Springfield lake is close to me and has enough room for me to cast and some lilly pads about 30feet out in 3-6 fow, should provide enough variation for me to have some fun.

    You guys have been a big help.
  9. Tuber,
    I'll take you up on your offer whenever your available. No rush here. i'll try and pm you later next month.

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    It's been a long time since I been there also. CNP is a nice area that I went to every week. Best thing to do is try everything even small buggers til you find what they like the best.
  11. Went to Indigo lake during lunch, caught 8-9 gills in less than 30 minutes. They actually managed to destroy the fly i was using :)

    All were 5-7" in size.
  12. Mike have you caught any bass at Indigo yet? I've seen them cruising the shoreline but have only had one on flys. I think with the water being so clear they can easily see you on the shore. Poppers might work here, I've seen bass pounce on frogs while walking the shore but can't say they've worked for me yet.
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    Poppers will work. I also tied on a #18 Red Rock worm off the back of the popper with about a 4 lb. test line 12 inches long. The bass will usually take the worm but it ever so slightly though. which has been the case for me and it works everywhere I go. I fish crystal clear water at home so I don't have any trouble. Just don't set the hook prematurely when you see therm coming for it!:(
  14. I haven't caught any bass out there, but go out there Thursday after work and was there for about 3 hours.

    I picked up 15+ gills 6 of which were 7"+ and fat, and 2 10" crappie.

    I'll probably go by there more often its so easy to fly fish being so open and uncrowded. The whole time I was there i only saw 2 other fishers.
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    That is good if you can find uncrowded area to fish. Nothing like having it all for yourself:) But you are having fun thats all it matters so you can unwind pressure from working and etc. I haven't been over there in years so will get a chance when I am in the area and will give work out again.