I'm just fine.

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  1. Wave warrior, I'm fine and Thanks for asking. I've been really busy trying to get the sport shop painted and and new lettering on the building. It looks so different. You guys probably won't reconize it when you see it. Also I've been going through 35 years of old paper work and throwing out what I don't need. (WHAT A JOB) We Have a few different guys looking at the place, and I just want too be ready if and when we sell.

    My web site has been down for months---someone keeps hacking it. We get it fixed and they do it again.
    I haven't posted much lately, but I do glance at it quite a bit.
    Hope to see you for ice fishing!
  2. Glad to hear your doing fine Linda. Sounds like a lot of work,it'll be a sad day when you sell the place. Hope to make it up there for a few ice trips. We'll bring you some thing sweet!:)

  3. glad to here all is well!!! when the ice is safe we'll come see ya' for sure!!! good luck with the shop and have a great holiday season!!!
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    Good to know you're doing alright. Hate to know you're still selling the shop.:( May not see you til spring. Hope you still have the shop:D Have a great holiday and stay in touch on the board.
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    Great news Linda!!! Can't wait till spring to get back out there. Can't wait to see the changes. Have a great holiday season:)