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i'm in

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by discgolfer, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. sweet, i'm there! i posted about my football league last year and got no response. glad to see some interest this year. i've run leagues for football and baseball the past few years. i'll have a free one on yahoo also this year if there is any overflow. i'm in the bass league and not doing too bad considering i only know 2 or 3 of them by name. "what do you mean hank parker isn't there?"

    my baseball league this year has a few former gfo'ers (the draft was before this site evolved) in it and i must say it is a great league. 10 of 12 people are still very active and a majority(except the huge lead 1st place has) fighting for playoff positioning. count me in flash.
  2. the above thread was supposed to be a reply to ksuflash's fantasy football post. ooops

  3. hahahaa ol' quick finger got ya eh? ;)

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I got ya on the list now. No biggie...

  5. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    lol...:D ... living up to your name thingy
  6. ya, i'm a rookie. what is this cut and paste thingy? :confused: :D

    what's the word on your motor LT? bank fishing just isnt as fun after your spoiled by a boat.

    ima :cool: