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I'm hearing....

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by BuckeyeTom, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. BuckeyeTom

    BuckeyeTom Muskie and Catfish

    that we can expect a whole bunch of offense from our BUCKEYES this year, AMEN! Be nice to have a season of dominance on both sides of the ball!!!
    Can't wait till football......GO BUCKS!!!!
  2. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Boy, that would be nice to see...wouldn' it? Offense rolling up 400-500 yards a game? 200yard rushing games. I'd love to see that. Plus, a punishing defense. Can you say National Championship chance?

  3. Well...I suppose that all just depends on whether certain people can keep out of trouble. I guess there is a lot of talent out there but losing these coordinators worries me some. Who is going to step up at tailback? I am also very worried about special teams because OSU won a lot of games due to the feet of 3 very awesome legs when we had Noogent, Groom and then that other punter right after Groom?????
  4. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    I'm not too worried about their special teams. All of the above mentioned were OK in HS, but developed under the kicking teams coaches at OSU. That is the key. The next guy will be equally as good.

    USA Today and ESPN have both projected the Buckeyes as one of the top 5 candidates in the nation to win the championship this year. Just really anxious to see where we start the season off in the polls. With the way our schedule is shaping up (Texas, Iowa, Purdue, Michigan), we could almost afford to lose 1 or 2 of the smaller games, and still come out smelling like roses at the end of the season.

    Only problem....IF the bucks were to make it to the big dance this year.....and IF USC climbs to the top.....can the Bucks knock off USC? LOL. They are T O U G H.
  5. That is a very good point. These guys have certainly been coached very well while at OSU and that kicking tradition should live on. I just don't know if I would go as far a saying the next guy will be equally as good as Nugent. Kickers that outstanding don't come along very often. I look for someone pretty consistent though. Let's just hope that a strong defense and explosive offense means that the place kicker will not need to win the games for them.;)

    I agree that the team that looks the toughest at this point is USC simply because of the offense that they bring back. That is basically the same team on the offensive side of the ball as they were last year with the exception of a couple of positions...which are All-American caliber players coming back off injury seasons.:eek:

    I guess there is a chance that with one loss the Bucks could still head to Pasadena but I don't see it happening with 2 losses. I would rather see us run the table.:D
  6. I think they should let Ginn punt, kick, and play offense and defense and return punts and kick offs. They would be national champs for sure!
  7. I just cant seeing going undefeated with having to play Texas, Iowa, and Michigan. I can see us beating Texas and Iowa because they are home games but having to go into the "Out house" is no easy chore, look what happened two years ago when we went there with a shot to play in the national title game. It wasnt pretty.
  8. btw the Big Ten is going to be stacked this year! Ohio State, Iowa, michigan, Wisconsin, and Purdue isnt that bad either. Man the Big Ten is going to be fun to watch!
  9. I'm all for Ginn, but I believe he will be injured by the 3rd game. Fast guy , but unless he put on some muscle during the winter he won't last a full year.
  10. catking

    catking Banned

    Lets not forget about Michigan. They are also in the top five this year I do believe..... Ohio State, Michigan and USC will all be hard to beat.... Auburn lost it's whole team.......... Texas ??? I don't have alot of faith in them ...but carpfreak has a point, with who OSU plays, going undefeated isn't likely , but now days, you can probably lose 1 and still get a shot, unlike last year :D ............ THE CATKING !!!
  11. I know what you mean about Ginn looking a little fragile out there but he took some pretty good shots last year and got right back up. One thing though, they have to catch him to hit him.
  12. I agree that Ginn can use a bit of muscle development but as far as injury some guys just a more prone to injury and some are not. Look at some of the guys that get hurt on a regular basis. It is not always the smaller guys. I think he is a rather tough kid. He is susceptible to injury just like the rest of the guys out there.
  13. If i had to make a prediction it would be one loss and BCS game weather it would be the Championship I dont know.
  14. Don't think that Teddy isn't tough. He is a bit thin, but he is very tough and actually pretty physical. The big thing with Teddy is that he is rarely hit clean due to his speed & ability to make that last second move. I hear he was popped really good by Marcus Freeman (future STUD) and got right up. It was cause for talk around practice because it was the first time anybody has laid it to Teddy.

    Anybody else get their Alumni ticket application? I received mine yesterday and was thrilled! All I have to say is TEXAS!!! I was already scheming on how to get my hands on a ticket for game 2 anyway. After IU last year, they owed my part of the alphabet a good one this year!